Marty York says..........

Just in from Marty York. He reports he has heard rumours that:

  1. Troy Westwood and Paul McCallum are engaged.

  2. Damon Allen has been playing in an artificial body for the past 3 seasons!

  3. Ricky Ray has eyebrows!

  4. Calgary Stampeders will change their team colours to purple and gold!

  5. Dave Dickinenson is actually Cory Printer's father!

  6. Winnipeg will not win another football game unitl after Hallowe'en 2007.

  7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats will not win another football game until the Maple-Leafs win the Stanley Cup!

  8. Don Matthews will start as a wide-out receiver for the Als next game.

  9. Joe Papao will resign as head coach of the Ottawa Rennegades to become King of Samoa.

  10. The Saskatchewan Roughriders will win the Grey Cup in 2005!!!

Riders Rule
Marty York is cool!

Who is Cory Printers? :roll: :wink:

i like how its all BS, even the last one..the one last especially

Turkey must be having a slow day....again

esks have got the cup this year

the argos will win the cup in 2010 (with damon at qb still obviously!) :shock:
riders this year? ha ha ha ha cough ahem... no :o

And speaking of Marty York, does anyone have any idea what he's doing these days? I don't see that he has surfaced anywhere, and truth be told I kind of miss him...............always good for a laugh

Marty York is disguised somewhere on this site. Beware!

I get it - Turkeybend is Marty York. Thats why he is so hilariously funny. When everyone thinks he is joking, he is really trying to report news to us. And I thought you were funny :slight_smile:

Who the hell is Marty York? Either way, the Oil traded a Mike York yesterday, so I'm just going to call this Turkey fellow by the name of Mike "The Injury" York.

By the way, I love your enthusiasm for the Saskatchewan Roughriders... did you catch the game tonight (Aug 4)? A real barn-burner. I think that the Roughies had it in the bag, and let it slip away ( :lol: ). Good luck "after the all-star break".

This will certainly back-fire if the Kitties beat us on Friday....