Marty York picking Ticats to finish First in the East

Just read Marty York's column in the Metro news, he's picking Ticats to finish atop their division.

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NO!! He is a curse LOL!! :o

Like the remake, this is a bad Omen.

Marty .....Hey man thats great ....a home playoff game!!!!

Hope your right!

Consider the source. Marty always does. :lol:

I guess we'll find out his reasons when his column goes up, but in the meantime have a peek at something more legitimate and objective: Shultzie Says

Shultzie doesn't really make a prediction but according to his review of the teams in the East, looks like he's saying Montreal first then Toronto, Hamilton and then Winnipeg.

Marty York, picks the cats to be 4th in the CFL Magazine. So take it as you want. We'll all know the answer in October.

This is why he's objective - presented the facts, added his educated opinion based on those facts, and knows it's too damn early to be making predictions about the standings. 8)

I wouldn't be surprised if Myork already has a Grey Cup score in mind. :roll:

Toronto before Hamilton? That's a joke, the Argos are going to be dead last in the east, Allen is finished as a starting qb IMO.

we all hope

It's not an unreasonable suggestion.

Argos and Als have age issues, WPG doesnt have a QB and the Cats ,almost player for player, are as good as any in the East.

So why not?

That make me feel better...Marty hasn't been right yet.

First in the East, I have no problem with that.

Methinks Marty is trying to put the jinx on us.



Of course this would be in the Dunnville Times Newspaper, the only place he should be writing,

Here what think Will See

1st Toronto (Have Ricky Willams good but ol QB Fair WR and Very Good Defence)
2nd Hamilton (Made Many Changes Will they Jell as a Team)
3rd Saskchewan(win the cross over Again)
4th Winnpeg (very good Defence Should win them some Games But will miss the Playoffs)
5th Montreal(Made no real changes Back QB and Defence are Still Question Marks)

TO fan is once again reasonable and gracious...who amongst us is using a fictional handle?

Why do people keep talking about the crossover? Wasn't that done away with when the league went back to two-four team divisions?

no...its still here.

it was rumored to be gone, but then some gm's looked into it and the league is still allowing it.