Marty York on Joe Montford

Published rumour from Marty York that the Als are thinking of talking to Montford:

"But don’t be surprised if he resurfaces in the CFL later this season. In fact, I’m hearing the Alouettes would dearly like to improve their sub-par pass rush and are strongly entertaining thoughts of giving Montford a look-see within the next few weeks."

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Now, Marty, seriously....the Als' "sub-par pass rush"??

SIX SACKS equals a "sub-par" pass rush? Scary to think of what "par" would be......

It all depends on whether the sacks Montreal had all came on the blitz or whether they came on a four man rush. If they weren't getting any pressure on the QB with a four man rush then it is a sub par pass rush. I didn't see the game so I don't know one way or another how they took care of business...

Valid point I suppose whoisyourdaddy; most all the sacks were on blitzes...Strickland got four of them.

Say what you will about Marty, but no one covers or apparently cares about the CFL like him.

No argument there.....always read him, always an entertaining read. He'd be missed if he wasn't around.

I would miss Marty mainly because I have poor aim....

I have one question for Marty. HUH???

noooooooooooo :o sign with the Riders Montford :twisted: instead

Id have to agree with you BGM, the Riders need lots of help on D, unless the Dline and the secondary show some Rider pride...

Don't forget guys, we're talking about Marty York here. The guy is a bigger fountain of misinformation than Jean Chretien was during the sponsorship inquiry. Anything he reports needs to be taken with a grain of salt, which health experts are saying we need to cut down on our daily sodium intake. So although his reports are humourous for the most part, I wouldn't miss him. Besides, its kinda hard to hit your target from the 200-level north end zone area of the Dump. :lol:

The Als have amazing pass rush talent sitting on the injury list. They don't need an overaged overpaid free agent. York should be locked inside a room without an Internet connexion.

There is a saying, there is no such thing as bad publicity as long as someone is writing about you/ our worthy league.
I rather have Marty and his following regardless of the "inside source" material than the incredible pro American slant/anti CFL coverage we have here in the self proclaimed Center of the Universe and wannabee US State.
And that is the real problem and is/will be hard to overcome.

Marty York rumors...c'mon this guy make 5 to 10 predictions a week....

If 1 of them is good, he goes around saying : I told you so....

He's always a good read on "the can" at work !

But.... Has Marty York been right even once yet??????

Does anyone remember what is was that he could have been close to being right about???

Its the ‘Center of the Universe’ mentality at work here. Some Globe & Mail readers think he is great so they put him on TV to annoy the rest of us :lol:

Nah, I think its more like Sportsnet is in desperate need of "comedy relief", so that's why they put him on the air. :lol: