Marty York on Article in the Metro

I just so happen to read the metro yesterday and well an article on cfl so i gave it a read.

I love the statement about there being nine teams. When was the last time this guy really followed the cfl?

no kidding, nine teams? Man, that guy has always been a waste of space on TV.

Why do I even waste my time reading some articles on the CFL or whatever. No wonder I'm not a journalist, I don't think I could write just for writing's sakes, I like to think at least I could contribute something noteworthy to most discussions.

Why do we even mention his name the guys a loser.....

Hey wait a minute, Marty York is my hero!!!!

What an idiot. Austin wasn't grooming Bishop, he hated him!

For the record…there are nine teams :lol:

Ottawa is suspended :wink:

Other than that…In all sincerity…the guy is RIGHT! The CFL has an opportunity to grow it’s fanbase and with the changes in the rules we should be seeing more “exciting punt returns”!

I want teams playing good football. Good football teams don't usually give up long punt returns. So be it.

Absolutely TIMH. I can enjoy a 1-0 game in hockey or baseball and appreciate excellent goaltending and pitching. Same in football, I appreciate good defence, I don't need to watch a basketball game on the gridiron. If it happens that way, fine, but I don't need it, just like fans that pack NFL stadiums and are often treated to a 10-7 game.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

It's a "Ying and Yang" Thing Then????...

Good punt returners produce exciting punt returns...good special teams prevent them?

Good offence produces exciting scoring...good defence prevents it???


Wow stunning ignorance from a supposedly knowledgeable sports writer. The league has one lack lustre weekend in the second one of the season and he calls for the tinker. What a knee-jerk reaction.

First off I guess you have no idea about Marty York! No one in their right mind would read his articles. That is why he is working for Metro they were the only media that was hard up enough to hire him.

haha i was on the subway in Toronto when my friend was looking at it i couldn't really pass up an article about the cfl.

I suppose i learned my lesson

No problem it seems many comedians have used Marty York articles for humor. OH and did I tell you Marty Yorks humor is much like turkeynuts humor. He laughs and everyone frowns.

I thought Marty York was smarter than that and I didn't have him pegged very highly to start off with. I guess there's a reason why he's gone from being a national TV and newspaper columnist to writing for a freebie suburban shopper. :roll:

No matter what we think of MY, many have very little of a positive nature, he at least does write about the league on a regular basis and has for years.
For that, I do give him credit.
I suppose with Marty unlike other ink stained wretches, there is no such thing as bad publicity as long as he writes about the league.

Well as long as he does not make up the stories but I believe he is well known for this.

Speaking of stories Red, I believe your Stamps will use the possible "excuse" of being on the road for the week after the whipping my Argos will firmly implant.
Can you say Coach Higgins may be on the hot seat next week?

No hot seat there Argotom and the way they played they are all out of excuses. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Speaking of Marty, he wrote yesterday about Millington's column on about drug use in the league.

Today, Marty writes that said column has been removed from the, and includes Millington's reaction (he's not happy).

Good read.