Marty York Notes:

Changing of the guard

• Next week, once the Grey Cup is history, the Blue Bombers will announce that Edmonton assistant coach Mike Kelly is their new head coach.

Kelly, a former assistant coach in Winnipeg, will replace Doug Berry, who was fired recently.
And, in Toronto, the story on head-coaching is still this:

If club president Michael (Pinball) Clemons wishes to return as the Argonauts’ head coach, the job is his. If not, B.C. defensive co-ordinator Mike Benevides would be the top candidate.

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I really wonder why Benavides would be high on their list.

BC's defence was better under Dave Ritchie; this was Benavides' first year in the DC position, and while still good, their defence wasn't up to last year's performance.

If you want to hire another defensive coordinator as your head coach (and why Toronto would want to do that, given the Stubler and Etcheverry experiments, is an open question), why is Benavides ahead of Richie Hall or Greg Marshall ??????

Shhhhhhhhhh. Don't remind Toronto about Richie Hall... :twisted:

Both Hall and Marshall have been interview for head Coaching jobs before
there has be reason they never never been offer a head coaching Jobs

You give the impression that you think that , in their job interviews,
a huge shortcoming became obvious in both of these men, ONknight.

IMO, another candidate was chosen simply because
the G.M felt they were a better fit for the situation.

Neither Richie Hall nor Greg Marshall would have gotten interviewed
for Head Coaching positions in the CFL unless they were well respected

and highly regarded by their peers in the coaching profession in the CFL.

I don't bye that Ron that has to be Reason . Both are great coaches and Should make Good Head Coaches.
Something in an interview had cost them a Job. They been up too many Times for head jobs not to get them

Marty York? Is he still hanging around?