Marty York is back!!

Marty is back writing about the CFL, he makes some good points about priorities for the new Commish:
Websites run by sports leagues are used as tools for propaganda, so it’s no surprise that ex-CFLer Daved Benefield has a so-called column on [url=][/url] about how brilliant the league’s new commissioner is.
Marty! who do you write for? The Metro? What is that? I love who Benefield writes a 'so-called' column when Marty can't find something reliable to write for because he use to make a living on fabrications.

Reading this article confirms something I've suspected about Marty all along - the guy deserves to write for a paper along the lines of Metro news or whatever it's called. Oh Marty, you could have been so much more but you just ain't got it buddy. :wink:

But yes, I'll agree on the points about priorities for the new commish, I'll grant him that. But the CFL draft being boring? Well, it would be boring for those that belive that only drafts where guys are going to be playing in a league where millions can be earned, but for others who look beyond dollar figures, not boring at all. Of course, this is probably a bit beyond Marty's comprehension level.

Marty who? Never heard of him. :stuck_out_tongue:

First off, Marty York is the worst sports writer this country has ever produced, and I would take any "suggestions" of his or "sources" he supposedly talks to with about 8,000,000 grains of salt.

That being said, Metro is one of the largest newspapers in Toronto and has branches across the country, as well as London, England. So the publication he writes for is not the problem, it's him who is the problem.

Why listen to anything he has to say when he has a known history throughout the sports community as being a fabricator of stories and quotes. His "knowledge" of the CFL is pathetic, at best. I would daresay listen to Steve Simmons over York, this guy is worthless.

His point of bringing back Ottawa ASAP is just stupid. It's failed repeatedly and to just stuff another new team in the city is courting disaster. I believe Cohon is a smart man, so if he think it's best to wait on an Ottawa team, then perhaps he knows better than York.

His "sources" regarding fuming players and all that nonsense is speculatory at best. He quotes no one, cites nothing as reference and simply broadcast what he think is reality... something I think he has been detached from for years.

Marty York = Worthless

i thought he brought up good points, he is by far the only journalist in this country with any onions. No one likes him because he's honest. And of coarse players are going to be fuming about a salary cap, to say they aren't is just silliness.

Calling Marty York a journalist is an insult to journalists the world over. If he wants to suggest players are fuming, which is fair, then by all means do so. But if you’re going to do it in a newspaper and present it as fact, then offer some evidence. A single quote from a single player is all that’s required. That’s basic journalism.

Perhaps he brought up good points, but he offered nothing other than personal conjecture to back it up.

No one likes Marty York because he’s a poor journalist and fictionalizes sources and stories. Honest is the last thing I would ever call York.

I don't need some journalist to tell me the CFL draft is boring because 1000 people logged on to the site. That's his opinion, fine, but why not report the news like "The CFL draft was done online for the first time and 1000 people logged on to view it." That's all I need, his opinion is of no interest to me to be honest, he is a reporter and I want a reporter to report and give me the facts on a situation. Like art, I the reader will form my own opinions. But that's my take on what a reporter should be. Now if he was actually someone who is involved in the league such as in the CFL administration or like a colour commentator on a sports show who is an ex coach, player etc, that's different, then I want his take on things. Most reporters are not in the colour commentator role I don't believe.

Marty is wrong.

Having been involved on the draft webcast I can assure you that the number of hits was in the five figures as of the day after the draft. Any subsequent hits were not involved in that total.

As for the website being used as a “propaganda” tool? Duh. Which company posts a website and runs down its own product? It gets information out there for people who need it and tries to increase traffic by adding features like the columns it provides.

Thanks for posting the article, I’ve stopped taking the subway and would have no other way to get it.

That's not something you hear every day. :wink:

Actually BG...there two other things you dont hear everyday in the thread:

No one likes him because he's honest
And that he is a journalist. I almost laughed myself to squirting just a little with that one.

Oh..and Earl..he isnt a reporter. He's a columnist. Big difference between the two. First and formeost, columnists DO give opinion.

Marty isn't back, he has been around all along.

Most of us have chosen to do the smart thing and ignore him

Marty isn't back, he has been around all along.

Most of us have chosen to do the smart thing and ignore him

mycko, ok so he's a columnist then. If that is his title fine, he can give his opinions. But to me a columnist is like a colour commentator on a sports show and opinions from these people mean much more to me if they've actually played the game or been involved in the league they are reporting, oops he's not that, columning (if there is such a word) on. At least the TV people have colour commentators who have been players and coaches for the most part. Maybe newspapers could learn a lesson or two and hire someone as a columnist who can string a few sentences together who did play or coach or administrate, it would mean a lot more to a lot of fans out there like myself.

But I agree these can be "fun reads" from these sorts who don't have a background in the game or league.

Mike, Mike.........

Good heavens, next thing you know you'll be telling us there is no Santa Claus and no tooth fairy!!

Sounds like Marty is jealous that Benefield and others write for and poor Marty has been relegated to scribble his meagre thoughts for a free commuter paper.
Obviously Marty didn't watch the draft online, otherwise he would have commended the great work done by Hoagie and Duane Ford. But I guess that's not part of Marty's agenda.
It's not hard to figure out why Marty is bitter. He used to work for The respectable Globe & Mail. Writing for the free Metro is one step above spray painting graffiti.

I have to agree the CFL Took a Leap of Faith
and moved into 21 Century

If Anything Do think 1st NFL Draft was Highly Watched?

Now look at It..

There's no tooth fairy??????

Sorry Mike No there is not

But their is a Ticats Fairy his Name is Bob Young

we made a Wish of Grey cup with next 4 years.
can Fairy Bob Grant it ..?

I wounder and wish I hope so ..

Tom, you just gave me a mental picture of Bob with butterfly wings and a magic wand spreading pixie dust as he flits around over our heads.

Thanks a lot… :roll: