Marty York helps blow away Golden Gate Renegades bidder.

The Toronto-based group Golden Gate Capital Corp.,
are apparently irate about a Marty York's report
in October 11th's editions of Metro.

Marty divulges details about legal trouble
in the upper echelon of Golden Gate,

which has caused the company to drop in recent days
from leading candidate to a questionable contender

in the ownership sweepstakes for the Ottawa franchise.

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Well, I think that this time the CFL will come out looking sweet if it continues with due diligence to find a proper owner. GG can be pissed all they want but the CFL has learned you have to be careful who you let in as owners. Maybe this event with this person at GG isn't a big deal, don't know, but the league does need to investigate it and how this could impact on the league's image and the Ottawa franchise.

York is an idiot. Having read a couple of his columns...I'd say he's ready for the National Enquirer.

i love it. I'm quite amused that details of this group becoming frustrated with the entire CFL expansion process had been rather quiet up untill they backed out. The 'health reason' excuse is baloney; despite whether one of these guys really is sick or not .. its a politically correct excuse (and one that isnt politically correct to question .. how convenient). Thank gawd there are skeptics and jerks like me to question the honesty of such a statement.

Notice how everyone in line for the Renegades expansion bid is a dumb idiot?! Because no semi-intelligent business man would touch an expansion franchise that has failed twice in the same city in the last 12 years. Its not coincidence that all their previous owners have been whackjobs ... Whackjobs have a tendency not to recognize the obvious - and the obvious is that football will not work in Ottawa (especially for the third time).

GIVE UP - lets put our efforts into something new! (that doesnt have a history of multiple failures)


When did football originally come to Ottawa, and how long did it last the first time?

Montreal has had multiple failures, but is going strong today, so why should Ottawa be any different?

This time Marty was correct about the GG group. A few days ago Matt Sekers of the Ottawa Citizen also wrote how health aside with the lead owner, everything was not well with this group.
Rumblings being how the group was under funded. Which does bare out since they were not going to pay the franchise fee of $3.5M up front instead of deferring over seven years and using the league TV and sponsorship money to be deducted.
That's exactly what happened with the original under funded and quarelling Watters group.
How about a group with cash up front for the franchise and including the $10M bond.

My question would be if they cant find a proper owner for a new Ottawas franchise, how are they going to find decent owners for franchises for Quebec and Halifax?? Seems to me that is the biggest obstacle to expansion-- finding owners who arent “whackjobs”…

One of the main groups people has cancer.