Marty York Column

Good article in the MetroNews by Marty York and an interview with Terry Vaughn. Marty is speculating that Greg Marshall will be named head coach in Edmonton!!

A head coach of what? A high school team?

We haven't seen the last of Greg Marshall. He has time to assess future CFL jobs with his guaranteed contract. Likely to resurface as an offense coach and maybe it will be in Edmonton since Maccocia is wearing out his welcome with Hugh Campbell. Thanks for the site Mike M. Just wondering who York's sources are when he talks about Marshall as a replacement for Maccoccia in Edmonton.

marty also speculated that we'd win the east this year...

Ha ha ha Zontar your sooooo funnnnnyyyyyy .....

What's your point? A lot of people had high expectations for the Ticats not just fans. Alot of media ppl did as well.

Maccocia who won the Cup just last year replaced by Marshall who has won what...? When pigs fly. If he's very lucky, Marshall maybe able to catch on as an asst. somewhere in the CFL.

An Argo fan

Hey Barney, Eskies offence has been brutal this season . Maccocia could be gone sooner than later if they don't get it together. Don't be surprised if Marshall ends up in Edmonton as an assistant

Marshall as an assistant makes little sence, maybe as a fullback coach. I can’t see anyone hiring him as an o.c as we have had the most predictable offences while he was our head coach.

I think the players like Danny, and probably have no confidence what so ever in Hugh’s son. Maybe as a unit they need to storm into Hugh’s office and demand he fire him.

please laugh all you want, has there been an unsuccessful coach in edmonton.

When Campbell went out and signed Lancaster (Mr. 4 - 28) i laughed my head off,thinking lancaster couldn't win a high school game let alone lead the Esks.

Mud on my face, Lancaster's Esks dominated the western conference. Case in point, The ticat management were near sighted when they let go of Marshall. In time you will see the powerhouse he will create in Either Edmonton or Montreal. Think i'm joking look at Cavillio.

And how is Hugh’s son responsible for an offense that averages 16 points a game?

Same thing that happened to Winnipeg is happening to Edmonton, its called the circle of life and the Eskimos are getting old and the younger guys they do have, have not progressed.