Marty York Column

Apparently the CFL expert doesn’t even know that there are only 8 CFL teams this year.

Have newspaper’s got rid of fact checkers?


And you find this news worthy for a forum?

Woops ..:lOl:

Wow... feels the need to throw dirt on FAN590 personalities...

York wishes he was on such a platform.

Mary Dork is a journalist who likes to stir the honey potwith bees around it. Most of his columns are not worth the read.
If you want something worth reading and full of substance and knowledge. Check out our very own Steve Milton. He has never disappointed me from football to figure skating, the man is amazing.

Actually…I think what he had to say was BANG ON! :thup:

Perhaps you better read it again! :wink:

I’m not sure he was “dissing” the fan 590…perhaps just having a little fun with a quote, that quite frankly didn’t make any sense! :?

The CFL has an opportunity to increase it’s following with a better product on the field…we are not seeing it for whatever reason…let’s hope that future games are of the quality of that 1 game that ended in a tie! :rockin:

Marty York Who?

well…for this one anyhow :twisted:

Hey Cheergirl-85,

Gotta agree with you re: Steve Milton.
When this guy has a column in the Spec. re: The Cats, I never miss reading it. Steve is by far the best sports writer that I have read. Hopefully he'll be writing more articles on the Cats.