Marty York blasting Tillman

Who cares what Marty York says. Mike your hate for all things Tillman gets old. You said the Riders would be bad last year. They won the cup. You said Tillman lied about the cup. You said they would be 300,000 over. Not 50 like ET said. You were wrong. The Riders are 2 and 0. And you are telling us we are koolaid drinkers to be happy with the team. You hate ET more than you love the Riders. Go cheer for the 0 and 2. And tell us this? How Shivers has made them better.

Austin the head koolaid drinker...once again trying to talk about shivers I see. It wasn't me who started this thread, I just responded to it. Now if you want to come and cry the blues that we aren't all drinking koolaid to bad.

Read on here Bob Ackles died today. Sad. Life is better without being negative. Im going to enjoy being 2 and 0. Like I enjoyed Riders winning the grey cup.

Why should I read what he wrote again? I clearly read it, and you clearly seem to think us not playing that great equals the Lions running roughshod over us DESPITE the fact that they lost.

Marty York predicted the Lions would run roughshod over us this weekend, they did not do that, therefore I come to the conclusion that Marty York is yet again wrong in his assumptions.

I don't know why you're trying to make a point that we played poorly, we did play poorly in that game offensively, that really has nothing to do with Marty York's comments though. He was still wrong.

With all due respect Dust, even you can't say the following the following isn't true.

  1. the riders offensive line looked average at best, giving up what 6 sacks. This was supposed to be a strong point for the riders this year with the acquistion of Moreley and January. This is more about the play of BC then the lack of ability by the riders line.

  2. for the 2nd game in a row Marcus looked exceptionally average. In fact would almost say he looked worse. This is what Marty is getting at when he says losing a vital part of the team and that being Joseph.

  3. Jyles our so called 2nd string looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an on coming train. His in ability to throw a ball more then 20 yards compounded the problems. Was Jyles thrown to slaugther, no, was the game plan wrong, no. Was it his inability to execute that was the problem yes. Now part of this could have been the pressure and coverage that being applied by a very strong defence, but the majority of it is the lack of experience and ability in the back up position. Once again going to Marty's comment about losing key players. The riders were losing the game with Jyles in playing quarterback.

  4. the riders defence is what really won the game for them. Once again as in the West Final, the riders were able to confuse JJ.


Marty stated that the Lions would run roughshod over the Riders. That would indicate that he felt the defense was also much weaker and poorer than last year. That is not the case.

I agree with your comments re: the O-line, Marcus and Jyles. You are absolutely right. But for someone to run roughshod over us, it means that they have to be able to destroy our defense. From what I have seen, that isn't likely to happen (though I am sure we will have a couple of poor games on D).

York is basing his thoughts on history as most people will at this point in the season.

One thing everyone needs to keep in mind: BC did well last year in the regular season with a strong D and a questionable situation at QB (and yes I know Buck Pierce was better than what we have but Jackson sucked in several games). If the Riders can mimic their success, I will be very happy.

BigU...I agree with you BC didn't destroy our defence. The defense has played good both games. In terms of what Marty was saying I agree he was wrong on the part of the riders defence. But the rest of his comments has some merit to be dismissed out right as oh that is just Marty talking.

I fail to see where Marty was right in his prediction or why you keep defending him. He’s very good at what he does, making false and ridiculous predictions.

Maybe he’s still bitter that Tillman essentially took his job as the CFL media person with sportsnet.

York was right because of this. He attacked Tillman. That is what Mike always does. Remember this? When he told all of us Tillman was a lying about the cap. Said Riders would be 300 over. Not 50. Mike did not want Austin to win. He does not want Miller to win. Anything our new people do. He tells us how it is wrong or bad. That is why he is defending York.

Austin read the article....I have said why Marty wasn't totally wrong...but then again you have nothing concrete to say.

Dust he was right on 3/4 of what he had said. If BC had a quarterback that would have played like they did last regular season, the rider might not have a 2-0 record.

Sorry, but the Lions did the exact opposite of run roughshod over us. The league is about to find out this year what a real football team looks like. Its not about the individuals but rather the sum of all the parts. I really feel, and I know its only been two games, that this team is even better than last year. Two teams are going to stand out head and shoulders above the rest in the CFL this year, the Riders, and the Alouettes, cause they look scary as well.

The operable word there is IF. If Peyton Manning was the QB for the Riders they'd be unstoppable. We can throw IF's out there all day doesn't make the prediction anymore right.

Well Dust, this is where you and I will fail to disagree.

The BC defence didn’t run one of our quarterback out of the game. Think again…

The BC defence didn’t run all over our offensive line. Think again…

If you don’t think that is running rough shod over the riders, I am sorry. Yes the riders won but it wasn’t pretty and despite what you may want to believe the offence still has not put in a complete game.

I notice your only defence has been but the riders won so Marty is completely wrong. Sorry that doesn’t cut the mustard.

Here are my issues with the York comments.

  1. The Riders won the Cup but were at best the third-best team during the season (trailing BC and Winnipeg) so it is indeed possible for the team to be better this year.

  2. The Lions did not run roughshod over the Riders.

  3. Thus far, losing Perry and Hunt has not seemed to hurt our team. Corey Holmes has been more than capably replaced. And if I am not mistaken, Joseph had one excellent game, two average games, and one poor game to start the year last year.

So really, York is just yapping to sell papers and he got his shorts in a knot because Tillman called out the media guys who said the Riders would suck.

Personally I don't care how bad we look as long as we win. I've seen many teams look good or even great only to lose the game.

Do our QB's need to get better? No doubt.
Does our O-line need to improve? Absolutely.

But...we are 2-0 and BC is 0-2 and at the start of the year, almost no one would have predicted that.

I'm not saying it's impossible to run roughshod over a team and lose, because it's happened before. But when a team gains 27 more yards then the other and loses, it's hardly running roughshod over them.

Add in the fact that our special teams outplayed the Leos and I would say we even outplayed them.

What do these people want? We crush Edmonton, but that win doesn't prove anything because they aren't a good football team even though next week they beat Calgary. So everyone say we will get run over by BC but when we find a way to win with our 3rd string QB we are still not good enough. Tell me who we need to beat to be given some respect.

It's funny to read york's article now. boy was he way off. heh heh. especially his prediction, and i quote, "I reckon Tillman will get a dose of reality tonight – in B.C., where the Lions should run roughshod over the not-so-Roughriders." what a douche that york clown is.

I think he just has a beef with Tillman more than he actually dislikes the Riders. Tillman basically took his job reporting on the CFL at sportsnet.