Marty York blasting Tillman

Brought to our attention by Rod Pedersen


Its Marty York. I wouldn't line my bird cage with his stuff.

What has Marty said that isn't true. In the pre game interview last week Eric complained the riders weren't given enough respect. Eric needs to realize that the team needs to demonstrate a complete game against a good team before he will get the team will get the respect he wants.

Some of the same issues that existed before last game exist with tonites game. Can Crandell put in a full game at a high level. Defensively they proved they were better.

I took the link through to his CFL Report.

I like this part in it.

Storm’s-a-brewin’ for Argos

• You knew the quarterback controversy
in Toronto would become ugly sooner or later,

but you probably didn’t expect it to be intensified
by ex-Argo Adrion Smith, of all people.

Give Smith credit, though.

He reported on a Canadian television network
that Michael Bishop was given the starting nod

by Argos head coach Rich Stubler for tonight’s game
against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Smith went on to say that,
according to his information,

the plan to start Bishop was nixed
after Kerry Joseph, the Argos’ other QB

approached Stubler and vehemently protested.

Stubler said Smith, his old cornerback,
had bad information and called it bull.

I’m not sure who to believe, but
I’ll tell you I do know this:

Last week in the fourth quarter
of the Argos’ game in Winnipeg,

Joseph threw a mini-tantrum
when Stubler benched him

and replaced him with Bishop.

Seriously, the Argos are just
asking for trouble on this matter.

It’ll blow up in their faces eventually.

The team already is divided between
Joseph supporters and Bishop supporters.

It’s all private at this time.

But it’ll become public.

It’ll only get worse.

Mark my word on that.

I had almost forgotten that Marty York had switched professions to his current occupation of comedian.

I wish the Jackass York would retire already...

Mr. York wrote this: "I reckon Tillman will get a dose of reality tonight – in B.C., where the Lions should run roughshod over the not-so-Roughriders."

Yep, we got a dose of reality tonight, and maybe the Lions actually did run roughshod over us, but we won, Mr. York !!!

How does this moron still have anything to do with sports at all. The man has no clue how to play or coach or manage any sport he reports on and it would be laughable if he tried.

The saying is those who can't do.... teach....

we'll apparantly in marty's case those who can't do or

I can't stand this guy anymore and would petition my local MLA for a national holiday if Marty York was ever pushed in front of a bus

Hate to say this guys…we still haven’t proven we can win in a shoot out…We haven’t demonstrated we have an offense that can win games. Now with Flick gone likely for the season and maybe longer…it doesn’t look anymore promising.

I don't think anyone expected us to blow BC out, but I think people took offense to the fact Marty predicted the Lions would blow the Riders out.

In the end though, I think that's as close to a guaranteed win as they come, having Mr. York predict a blowout in the other teams favour.

Mike, sure, but all last year, when BC was winning ugly games with JJ, everyone was saying "they found a way to win". That's what we did, third string qb and all. That is not the picture-perfect, well-oiled machine you are probably envisioning, but it does say something about the team as a collective unit, can work and does seem to be working so far. But just like BC last year, none of it will mean much if they don't go all the way.

Great game...QB's looked awful..defense was spectacular...offensive play calling was brutal till they figured out to use Cates.. Sheesh a wounded duck cost Flick the season then we go back to the bomb for an intercept

Durant was not much better but he did not turn the ball over.

I am gushing over our defense and the vastly improved play of Lance Frazier.

Dressler was impressive.

I think we can win in spite of our QB's... we did it last year when Joseph was rocky.

Unlike a few here I remain positive... yes we lost Flick but we lost Dominguez last year too and the sky did not fall.


Legal...Totally agree with your comments. The Riders are truly a team and win by COMMITTEE. How you perform in adversity is truly a measure of who you are. This team has demonstrated that it rises to the challenge when the chips are down. This is not luck. This is a measure of the gumption and strength of our team. As I said last week we win by COMMITTEE and the COMMITTEE is truly strong.

Go suck a lemon Mike. All winter you have said the same thing. Riders will be bad. Now they are 2 and 0. And its still negative BS from you. You want the Riders to lose because of your hate for ET. Its been this is bad. That is bad all winter. Even with 2 wins you are negative. Go eat with Marty York. You 2 can will find a way to say the Riders are not good.

well put austin maybe mike should be lions fan from now on sure sounds like a lions fan. Mike what would make this team better KJ? Kent? Perry? Hunt? come on man get a grip and be glad the riders arnt 0-2

I have a pretty high tolerance for negativity, but even I had hoped that Mike would have a good word after the adverity this team went through to get the W. I have to wonder if Mike has it in him to just once put all the failings of others (Rider players and management and fellow posters on this site) aside and say something nice without conditions ...

Austinpowers and is interesting to see you want to bury your heads in the sand. Yes Marty predicted a BC win based I suspect primarily on the fact that the Sask offense couldn't and wouldn't be able to do anything. For the most part he was right. What he forgot is the Sask defense is strong.

Now if you really want to discuss what went wrong, lets talk about of the 4 interception thrown this year by the riders quarterbacks, why is it all of them were over 20 yards, by quarterbacks who can't throw that far but are deemed to be more accurate. Lets talk about DJ Flicks injury where he was stopping another interception on a 20 yard pass and getting hurt.

I have said all off season since the trade, the riders will have problems with quarterbacks. Two games in they haven't shown me wrong.

But go ahead bury your heads in the sand and drink Tillman's Koolaid I am sure he is saying all the right things on

Hi Marty!

We didn't play pretty but there's really no reason to defend Marty York, he predicted a big Riders loss, he was wrong as usual. Really nothing more needs to be said, there's a reason he writes for the Metro news now.

"Now if you really want to discuss what went wrong" - we won the game, we're two and zero after two games. Do you want us to be 3 and 0 after two games? It's never good enough.

If you mean "Now if you really want to discuss what we can improve on", sure, you're dead on. But those questionable quarterbacks combined to do enough to win. It may not be everything, but that is something.

Dust I suggest you read what he said before you really make comments....

[i]You’d think Eric Tillman would know better by now.

Tillman, after all, has been in CFL management for decades. You figured he’d know that one measly game doesn’t exactly make a season.

And yet, after the Roughriders turned in a strong fourth quarter last week to defeat the Edmonton Eskimos 34-13, the Saskatchewan general manager shot off his mouth.

“To a man,? Tillman burbled, “our coaches and players believe we're going to be a better team (than last year).?

This, of course, is laughable, and I’m giggling accordingly. All the Riders did last season was win the Grey Cup. All they did in the off-season was lose vital parts of their team, including coach Kent Austin, quarterback and CFL MVP Kerry Joseph, defensive stars Fred Perry and Reggie Hunt and ball-carrying threat Corey Holmes.

So the Riders win one game against a troubled team last week and Tillman decides to deride those of us who predicted his squad’s demise.

“What a lot of supposed experts in the media didn’t seem to realize,? Tillman said, “is this is real football, not fantasy football.?

I reckon Tillman will get a dose of reality tonight – in B.C., where the Lions should run roughshod over the not-so-Roughriders.[/i]

If Eric hasn't gotten a dose of reality with a lacklustre performance by Crandel again, and then by Jyles he is drinking the same kool aid he is giving the members of

Did the BC run roughshod over the riders, if you don't think so you better think again. The offensive line look average at best. The 1st and 2nd string quarterback looked terrible at best.

Am I happy we are 2-0 yes you better believe it. But it is a long season and if they don't fix the quarterback problem it could be even longer.