Martin Short

I was watching BT from Toronto this morning, and Martin Short mentioned that while he's here, he's looking forward to seeing some CFL football and watching the Ticats beat the Argos! :slight_smile:

The McMaster alum is here promoting 'Fame Becomes Me'. Keep your eye out for him at a game near you!

the Ref

"Watching BT from Toronto"?!? You SHOULD be watching CH Morning Live from Hamilton!!!

Martin Short was at his best in "Father of the Bride" with Steve Martin.....hilarious movie!

He's been a real loyal Tiger-Cat fan over the years and promotes the 'Black and Gold' and the City of Hamilton often in his talk show appearances....(Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien etc.)

Hope he can make it to Ivor Wynne sometime this year to catch a game. I'd love to meet him.


Hope ya'll are well,


Mike 8)

if hes in toronto right now i wonder if he is guanna stop by mac for traning camp or even the black and gold game