Martin Short mentioned the CFL on Conan

Watching the Monday night episode of Conan, and Martin Short mentioned how much he loves Canadian football. He went into a bit of a "two teams called Roughriders" bit, but the really cool thing was that as Conan helped segue him into it "I had no idea football is so big in Canada", Short emphasized he was talking about "Canadian Football" and "Canadian Football League".

The Roughrider schtick might be old hat to us, but most of Conan's audience has probably never heard of the league (unless maybe from passing references on The Simpsons).

I just thought it was cool to see Short mention the CFL on Conan's show.

He used the same "Two RoughRiders" bit on Letterman in 1992.

I hate to say this Spinner but I think the NFLN will not carry any CFL games this year...... :cry: I guess I'll have to watch on instead . . . Or on ESPN 3 :thdn:

FYI, @CFL tweeted last night:

For those of you who are asking (and there are a lot of you!) news regarding the U.S. Broadcast Schedule is coming soon. #CFL

Martin usually makes some kind of reference to either the CFL or his hometown of Hamilton whenever he is in some talk show. It's great that he still shows pride in his roots even with all the Hollywood glamour surrounding him.

Martin Short isn't just a great comedian, he's a great guy!

Hamilton born and raised and proud of it!