Martin Short coming home to Ivor Wynne at Season Opener

From Ken Peter's Spec article today:

The Ticats are bringing in Niagara Falls illusionist Greg Frewin for the season opener to hopefully conjure up a win over Montreal. The former Las Vegas entertainer, who is expected to bring at least one Siberian tiger to the game, will perform an illusion never before attempted at a live sporting event.

Hamilton-born comedian and actor Martin Short will also be in attendance as will league commissioner Mark Cohon.

The team will also have F-14 fighter jets fly over the stadium as well as new pyrotechnics, animation for the team introduction.

The 2008 Tabbie cheerleaders, presented by the London Tap House, will also unveil their new outfits. 905-526-3388

He'll do I guess but I was sort of hoping for a hot babe or two. :wink:

i am anxious to see what the illusionist is going to do

Greg Frewin...I used to play Hockey with him in Stoney Creek. He was doing the Magician thing back then part time.

If the team is bringing in F-14's for a flypast they must be from the Iranian Air Force. They are the only ones still airworthy. USN decommisioned and scrapped the entire fleet of 'TomCats, save for a few bound for museums. Didn't want any parts to fall into the hands of the above mentioned Iranians to keep there old planes flying.

Assume they meant CF-18 Hornets. Zooooomies!

I was scratching my head a bit about that also :roll: ......Canada has plenty of 18's (Bagotville/Cold Lake) but I was wondering where the 14's were being scrounged up from........although they are a cool specimen also......but nothing like a "Zooooomie!" :wink:

mb03 would have loved it if they were TomCats, really awesome to see in flight.

Sounds like great entertainment for opening night. Just hope the game adds to the package.

Martin Short Agian :frowning:
I want Eugene Levy :lol:

Great news he is a great fan and Celeb I think they should get him to do some commercials again we don't have any good TV ads anymore?

Bob get him on board :lol:

I agree.......gawd, living in Mount Hope,I really miss the Hamilton Air Show......we had thunder in the skies for 5 days straight here....(1 day as they arrived, 1 day of practice, 2 days of the show and 1 day of departure)

We still have Zoomies coming in though as there are F-18 pilots who have family here and they arrive for Thanksgiving, Mothers Day etc..(note to taxpayers....they are encouraged to do this to keep their flight hours current and up-to-date.......or they are grounded (It's a G-Force medical thing apparantly).....they put on a cool "thunder show" sometimes without warning up here in the :stuck_out_tongue:

I only wish I had an F-18 in the driveway to use as "wheels"..... :rockin:

:lol: :lol:

I thought Bob was really trying to bring back "the good old days" when I first saw that.