Martin Sartin deserves to be on the Wall of Honour!!

Martin Sartin!!

That's right, Martin Sartin should go on the Wall of Honour. I figure since everyone wants to put up threads about who should go on the wall of honour, I thought I should put my two cents in.

Of course, Sartin's career as a RB lives on in the memory of any true Ticat fan who can remember him in his heyday of 1988!

Other people who should go on the Wall:

John Hood - '94 RB
Pete Gonzalez- '00 QB
Timm Rosenbach - '94 QB
Steve Taylor - '96 QB

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

What about Bucky Washington?

It was all part of Ron's conspiracy not to give him any reps just to keep him off the wall. I heard he had some amazing practices, that should count for something.

I'm quite Sartin about Martin - No.

Let's not forget Bob Steiner, the only guy who could pull off a front roll, open-field tackle at full speed on punt team duty.

It's Butchie Washington.

My vote goes to Eros Sanchez. Or maybe Reggie Rogers.

You leave Eros Sanchez alone!!

Billy Dicken should be on the wall of stall #3 in...nevermind! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee INT,

What about #5 Terry Andrusiak

Oh I forgot another for the Wall of Honour:

Our leading receiver in 1997 (our 2-16 season):


Come on Ticat organization. Let's get Prince up there before he thinks we're snubbing him!! :wink:

Here is who I would put up there

Todd Bankhead
Rickey Royal
Cornell Burbage
Marco Cyncar
Dave Dinnall
Todd Dillon
Corris Ervin
Don McPherson
Lonzell Hill
Jim Jauch
Joey Jauch
Tarek Jayoussi - like the name
Anthony Ketchum
Montressa Kirby
Bruce Lemmerman
Doug Landry
Kendrick Nord
Bruce Perkins
Bobby Olive
Kelvin Robinson
Jim Rockford
Lee Saltz
Quinton Spotwood
Jeff Tedford - great college coach
Bob Torrance
Tony Truelove
Charlie Weatherbie

Dave Dinnall
Never forget in Las Vegas he fumbled away the victory and cost anyone who bet on the game down there a lo$$ on the wager. It was a grrrreat trip for the few thousand cat fans who made it. We had a ball, and dave dropped it. Field goal was all we needed and we were just killing the clock at around the Posse 35 with handoff to just keep it between the hashes for a winning kick and POP it came out and that was that. It was fun seeing all the fans in the airport the next day along with the whole team waiting together for the flights home. Poor dave sat all alone, nobody talking to him, after his nightmare the night before. It was sad, he just stared at the floor and we stared at our losing sportsbook tickets.