Martin quote from the Wpg Sun

“I’m used to having more than two downs to get a first. So, it didn’t really click until the second quarter that we’ve got to do a lot on first down to even have the slightest opportunity on second down to get the first down.”


How long has this guy been here?


What an Idoit! I thought I or George W. Bush did dumb qoutes, but that takes the cake! :wink:

That’s pretty disturbing.

No kidding! you know how bad some of my posts are!

Martin isnt ready, he needs to play behind a veteran for a year or two but he does show promise. Put the skinny white boy in for now.

Even though AirCanada seems tobe learning the CFL rules, his observation is correct. What the Hell are we doing running 4 times in a row with the wind yet. Sure , chuckie got 108 yds. but man , last time I looked it was still a passing league. The O-line looked better and FINELY some of the BB looked pissed that they were getting knocked around the field.
Twice that I can remember that we kicked from further back than we started the series. I think Tee has had is chance…Next !!!

Uh … SectionT, that quote isn’t from me, it’s from Tee Martin - you know, the Blue Bombers STARTING QB ?!.

Whatever. Michna. Cya Martin.

Michna or Wyne(sp?) were 0 and 3 and have nothing to lose aganist Edmonton neek week.

I do not get you guys, for a first start I think Tee Martin showed lots of skill and poise. If you guys do not want him, I am sure there are other teams that see his potential!

yeah, and the Bombers might be making a deal sooner than you think :roll:

Oops, sorry AirCanada…I’ll put my beer down for a second…that just makes it even worse. Maybe we should check his college stats then…maybe he made all his yards on 3rd down when he WAS a star.

I wasn’t at the Calgary game, but as I understand it Tee actually played not badly. From what I read, too many drops, particularly Kamau Peterson’s gaffe with about 5 minutes left. Tee laced a beautiful 50 yard bomb right into his hands all the while Peterson had a full head of steam and his man beat. He probably could’ve ran it for a touchdown and won them the game. You see, you can bitch and moan about our QB’s all you want, but there’s more too it than that. We need a marquee receiver, and we just don’t have that. I wouldn’t even consider Milt to be marquee anymore.

Blah, blah, blah… go home.

this is pathectic, wpg will always be known for wanting backups to come in and play, without the starters even getting at least two weeks to prove themselfs