Martin Joins The Peg.

Both Dunbrack and Pilon will be 32 next year - not at all ready for the seniors home. We didn't miss anything after Belli was traded, and picking up Wayne in that deal was a great move; he was impressive in the limited time he had to play.

Pseudo's right about the sacks. If your DTs are getting them, that's great. But it's not their primary role.

I think we have good depth in the middle, but if anything I'd like to see us pick up a Canadian defensive end.

Jamaal Westerman (6'3" 252 lbs) is a Canadian defensive end in his junior year at Rutgers. He has played well this year and will see regular playing time tonight when Rutgers plays Kansas State in the Texas Bowl. Unfortunately, the game is only being carried on the NFL Network.

By the way, the Ticats drafted defensive lineman Jermaine Reid (6'4", 275 lbs) in the 2006 CFL Canadian College Draft. He played well as a starter in his senior year at Akron this season.

What is the likelihood that Reid will join the Ticats in 2007? I heard he might garner NFL interest. Is there anyone out there more knowledgable about US College football who can answer this question, taking into account Reid's 2006 performance in college?

Reid could be our new Belli (without the dumb offsides and dumb roughing penalties, hopefully)

DE Jermaine Reid ~ Akron -- Going into the 2005 season, the 6'4", 275 pound Toronto area native was mostly seen as a one dimensional run stopper -- played defensive tackle for the Zips during the 2004 season. However, Reid has improved significantly as an edge rusher, leading the Zips with 7 sacks last season, despite having to battle severe shoulder problems during the spring and summer of 2005.......If this 23 year old former basketball player continues to improve his overall game and can add some bulk and muscle, he has a chance to impress NFL scouts and might get drafted. If Reid, who's going into his senior season, falls short of the NFL, expect him to be a star in Canada (already drafted by Hamilton) due to his strength and athletic ability.

Most of the NFL Draft Web pages have him list as 35 Best DE in to be Drafted..

So He be Free Agent or Late day pick in the NFL
Don't Expect him in Hamilton Until after Laborday.