Martin Joins The Peg.

former ticat DB chris martin joins the blue bombers today, dont be suprised if he rises next season as a great DB, i still to this day think it was a dumb move by the coaching staff to let him go, sure he was a ittle slow n made some mistakes at the beginin of the season, but the first 2 games out, who wasnt making mistakes? the coaching was horrible. 2 games into a season is not long enough to let a player go. i hope he does great in winnepeg.

Martin was terrible. It wasn't coaching, either. It was lack of speed and talent. This guy got beat all over the field when he played for Hamilton. Remember his last game, when Ben Cahoon torched him repeatedly for huge gains? If Martin makes Winnipeg's starting secondary, that's great news for us when we play them.

I would say it was a mixture of Martin and coaching. Martin was OK when he first arrived here, but then we asked him to bulk up and play some LB. When he transitioned back to DB last year, he definitely lost a step.

exactly, he wasnt given a fair chance, the coahcing staff was so stupid to ask a quality DB to turn LB then back to DB u need to give aguy some time to get the groove back, two games was no way fair.

Problem is, Martin was the reason we lost the first two games. Without him getting scorched, we star out 2-0 rather than 0-2.

ok well the least we could have done was more him to our practice squad so we could givehim time to develope as a DB again.

He had training camp and preseason to adjust... what do you want? The 'Cats to keep him around all season on the hope that he'll return to old form?

I give Martin 3 Weeks and he Be Cut.. In Camp.

we did the same to renard cox also. he bulked up from 182 to 208 (marshall called him 'linebacker strong"), and then he went back down, tho not as low as his previous weight. martin is older than cox and perhaps it was harder for him to shift his weight around.
look at hitchcock, he's yo-yo'd between 206 and almost 220 for three years now. it's got to be tougher on an older player.

However, i think of all the positions that Renard Cox has played, he hould be back at safety. he hits like a brick wall and still has the wheels to rove around.

he hits like abrick wall?? hes always missing tackles r u kidding me, hes only good at pass defence

More great moves by Marshall and co. If you EARN a spot in camp and are better than everyone else that you were up against... how can you get cut so soon? What did he show in Camp that he somehow forgot to show when he stepped into game situations.

Its obvious he was kept around because he had been here before, and not because he earned a spot on our defence.

I agree, Crash. Bradley should have been starting in his place at the beginning of the season. How about Justin? I never understood keeping him around either.

I also agree with Crash. This has been brought up a thousand times on, but again, Marshall's biggest problem was that he kept guys around who didn't win jobs, but who he got along with, who he wasn't intimidated by. "Nice guys." I don't know the guy personally, but I'd say Martin probably fit into that category. But once his play on the field during actual games slipped drastically (which it did), suddenly "just being a nice guy" wasn't enough to keep Martin employed in Hamilton.

Taaffe will purge all of these fringe players when he takes over. For example, on D, look for Devonte Peterson and Justin (both free agents in January) to be let go by Hamilton. Also, guys like Cox, Dunbrack and Barrenchea are in real danger of being cut in training camp if they don't bring more to it than just a friendly face.

I've made no secret of the fact that I am not a fan of moving guys from their natural position as we've done in the past. Martin was a casualty of that shift of position IMO. I'd agree that it's quite probable that Justin and Peterson won't be back since both of them have been injured quite a bit. I do have to disagree about Dunbrack though. I think he was a pleasant surprises this year. I'll admit that I wasn't expecting a lot out of him, but I think he played quite well.

Dunbrack is getting way too old. And to say that he played well in 2006 isn’t saying much. Maybe he stood out because Belli, Peterson and Cotton did zip in comparison, but Dunbrack certainly wasn’t as productive as he needed to be to assure himself a position on the 2007 squad. How many sacks did he end up with? Did he even get 3 all season long? It’s no secret Marshall hired Dunbrack because the former coached the latter at Western. All of those bridges are now burnt with Taaffe coming in. I’d be shocked if the Cats didn’t use one of their first two picks in the 2007 draft to take the best Canadian D-Lineman available. We are very weak at that position (as well as receiver, of course) in relation to Canadian talent. As soon as that pick is made, the writing will be on the wall for Dunbrack.

How are we weak at canadian DL??

Dunbrack actually played well when called upon this year, and was starting near the end of the year... (ie when we weren't getting slaughtered on every play.)

Clinton Wayne another canadian, also showed well.
same for Pilon, although i wouldn't expect too many years out of him.

as far as canadian recieving talent goes, i wont argue, all we have is Brock and Morreale, and mike probably wont be back (nor can he be counted on to start as much we'd like to hope...)

Drafting for position in the Canadian draft isn't always feasible though. We've got to take the best available players, no exceptions. this team need help and it needs help fast.

For the millionth time, Dunbrack is getting old and he didn't have nearly enough sacks last year to merit guaranteeing him a job on our 2007 squad. And to say Pilon "played well" is just a ridiculous statement. I can't remember him making one tackle or pressuring the QB even once.

I don't think ANYONE is guaranteed a spot on our 2007 squad and that includes some of our top performers. I'm just saying that Dunbrack may not be written off as easily as you think he will. I guess we'll know once camp is over.

I didn't know a defensive lineman was ranked on sack totals alone. Listen, Dunbrack may not have been a big play guy, but he was consistant. He consistantly did things DTs have to do to be effective. IMO, DTs shouldnt be shooting for sacks or even tackles, their job is to take up blockers, close holes, and give the players around them the chance to make a play. I doubt there are many DTs besides Nate Davis and Bad News Belli that have more than 5 sacks on a year.