Martin Cut...

Hey everyone I just finished reading the article about Martin getting cut, and Tad Kornegay taking over after everyone has been moved around. I would just like to know what Jykine Bradley did to make the coaches hate him, because Bradley is clearly a lot more proven than Kornegay. I just don't see why he is not playin thats all.

How is he proven?

He's only played in 4 games.

i dont know if bradley is proven but if he didnt get a starting spot after last game thats just sad. Jykin is amazing and deserves to start. watching him when he was lined up at the begening of the game for the kick off getting the fans to make noise got me pumped. you can tell this guy wants to play.

Apparently he has to intercept every pass thrown to any reciever in order to get a starting position.

unless he's looking to start in Shaw's safety positon (which for some reason is safe for the time being...) he doesn't have much chance starting.

Who are you going to reasonably take out of the starting lineup?

Goss? hahahaha
Cody? he's been the best DB in the five games played.
Kornegay? He's next up on the depth chart but has earned the respect of the coaches for some reason.
Justin? hasn't had any major eff ups yet. Also is a quick thinkiner (he was the guy who picked up the ball before it went out of bounds to get us into the 2004 playoffs)

Shaw stinks and Kavis should be fired.

other than that the secondary should start getting better after this move.

How about Renard Cox at safety?

Is it that far fetched?

Is Kornegay proven? Proven at what? WHAT? Giving up safeties at the end of the half leading to more points against?

Kornegay is no more proven than Bradley. (Though I think if the coaching staff HATED Bradley, he wouldn't be on the team. Just a thought.)

i beleive he played FS in college, but thats more like our HB than anything else.

he is better than kornegay and justin so he should knock out one of them. but i dont know how good he would be at safty but ya he couldnt be much worse than shaw at it.

only because he plays so far off his receiver that he can't possibly get beat deep. but he gets murdered underneath because he gives away 15 yards. got pulled for bradley in the 3rd quarter saturday. should've been kept out.

Kornegay played in 15 games and Bradley in 4.

How can any fan know which is the better player?

Do you think that maybe the coaches might have a clue or two?

Those caoches know nothing when it comes to a player waving his arms up and down.

Kornegay is a good choice to replace Martin. He's very athletic. Plus, after some mistakes last year (blanketing Brazzell but letting the latter make catches anyway; plus, the "I shouldn't have run it out of the endzone then back in" gaffe), and not making the starting lineup this year (which was probably a big disappointment to Kornegay), he has something to prove.

I remember that. Two things came to mind after watching that.

  1. Brazzell can go up for it and come down with it. We should have kept him and used him that way.

  2. Kornegay can cover. Despite Brazzell's abilities, Kornegay was all over him and that bodes well for a youngster.

I, for one, am glad we rid ourselves of Brazzell. The best thing about him is that the blue team didn't pick him up. He would have fit right in.

Kornegay made his rookie mistakes, but more importantly he learned from them and improved his play. People don't give him the credit he deserves.

I think Bradley will start one day - he's shown he has talent and has an apparent knack for the big play... which is probably what people tend to remember, and not his every-down performance. Adding him to the starting roster now means removing a veteran, and realistically you need that experience in there (so long as the vets perform - right Mr. Shaw???)

Brazzell can go up for the catch, but while he was with us he rarely did (and he had plenty of opportunities). I'd have preferred him at WR, but he should have s*cked it up and played where the team wanted him to, instead of complaining publicly about being misused. Good luck Chris, and good riddance.

Depth Chart says Bradley is starting corner opposite justin with cody starting as halfback.

Great move.

Brooks starting at MLB.
Holmes listed as backup RB? I thought he wasn't making the trip?

A lot of vocal fans here are getting what they'd hoped for with Brroks and Bradley starting.

I just wonder if Cody is better off at the corner.

I'm looking forward to seeing this defenxe too. It should be very interesting to watch.

I wouldn't be surprised to see picks by both Bradley and Brooks if we can pressure Burris into some bad decisions.

Hey everyone I've been away from the computer for a couple days. I just finished reading all your posts and was glad to see Bradley starting along with Brooks. Well Lets all Pray Our Boys can get it done this week!