martese jackson traded away to edmonton

looks more and more like if u are at odds w/ trestman
his ego is the more important than wins
lemon - traded to bc for basically nothing
carter - 2 time all star, not played by trestman for 2 games
posey - signs w/ bc instead of coming back to toronto
fajardo - not signed by argos, now w/ bc
martese jackson - great kick returner traded to edmonton for 3rd round pick
argos, current gc champs, now 3 - 8
i have little faith in trestman

Seriously, WTF is going on with this team?

Jackson was one of the few bright spots this year, and it looks like they just gave him away!

And yes, why would Posey sign with B.C.? More money?
The Argos could definitely use him here.

And Lemon given away to B.C.

Really, what are Popp and Trestman doing?

I’m starting to rethink my season tickets for next year.

it really seems to me that trestman, who makes $600k+, is running a dictatorship and if any1 dares question the 'el coach' they get removed
and argos are 3-8
no excuse to miss playoffs in east, no excuse at all

‘And yes, why would Posey sign with B.C.? More money?
The Argos could definitely use him here.’
bc doesn’t have trestman as coach

I can’t understand why the Argonauts would trade Martese Jackson for so little. He’ll be a great addition to the Eskimos’ lineup.


i think it has to do w/ him questioning the oracle trestman
same thing for lemon to bc - i saw him chatting to trestman during his last game for argos
and b=now look that posey doesn’t even sign here

It says a lot that Posey, who won a Cup with Toronto next year, chose to sign in BC instead of Toronto this year. Assuming it’s not a money issue.

I think if the Argos lose their next three (a real possibility, given their schedule), we will see other notable players flipped from Toronto to contending teams for draft picks/futures. In other words, fire sale due to zero chance of making the playoffs in 2018.

yet trestman still makes $600k+/yr ?

boggles the mind

A 3rd round pick is not bad for a replaceable Import. Teams are finding good Canadian players now in the first 4 rounds. I think Trestman saw enough of Jackson to question his sure handedness fielding punts, especially deep in his own end. I know I would be holding my breath at times. No question he can return but fumbles at key times are game killers. McCluster and Carter are sure handed and can break a long one as well.

if u review the 2017 east final, his runbacks gave the argos good field position - he was very quick running east-west - not always successful but damn he was quick - i do agree he had fumble problems early on and i never like him letting the ball bounce [that eliminates '15yd no yds'] and he is far too small to be RB - ass witnessed when he failed on 3rd down last game