Martell Mallett - Training Camp

Just wanted to keep up with Martell Mallett's progress during training camp.
I have been his fan since he played for Pine Bluff high school, and any information/news from the camp would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !!

All I can tell you is that he is 2nd or 3rd on the 1year player depth chart at that spot At this point they are really high on Sims another 1year player .The real test is WEDNESDAYs preseason game which can be heard on at 6pm Vancouver time

Thanks for the info Icehawk79, I will be tuning into the team1040 on wednesday preseason game.

I believe he is doing quite well but there is an abundance of quality Rb's in camp , Mallet being in the thick of it.
You can keep up on Lions news here :
and here:

Thanks for the update and links, "pennw". I am glad to hear Mallett is doing well. Looking forward to first pre season vs Calgary.

this is from
"Smart and Mallett are the only running backs scheduled to make the trip to Calgary".