Martell Mallet

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I LOVE this signing!

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed import running back Martell Mallett.

Mallett, a 6-0, 195-pound native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, burst onto the CFL scene with the B.C. Lions in 2009, capturing the league’s Most Outstanding Rookie Award and a spot on the West Division All-Star team after rushing for 1,280 yards and six touchdowns. He also added 43 receptions for 342 yards and two receiving touchdowns.

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This should make for a very interesting competition at RB in training camp.

Welcome to Hamilton, Martell, and best of luck.

"Ticats Bring RB Martell Mallett To The Hammer"

Gotta love headline writers.

I like this move as well, if only to push Cobourne and T. Grant in training camp. Plus, with Thigpen signing with Miami, we were short a runningback. And Mallett's size provides a totally different style, almost a mini-fullback, something we've been missing for too many years.


Knew Avon wasn’t going to see the colour of his contract…

I wonder if this means that Grant isn't healing as expected... it was a pretty gruesome injury.

I'll be surprised if Avon is back based on what has transpired.

@News1130Sports Just a shade over 100,000 dollars per season for Mallet in Hamilton. Nice signing bonus as well.

Nice signing by the Tiger Cats. He is only 25,-26 in May- whereas Avon will be 33 in March. Probably the end of the line for Avon,both in Hamilton and in the CFL,unless he accepts to play for $60,000 or so. There is no way that Hamilton will cary/can afford 2 RB,s making more than $100,000 each. The max. of SMS is not at $4.6 millions,yet


hmm have you seen the books? lets wait and see before we make assumtions.

I think it makes a lot of sense since we lost Thiggy. Good move.

Hes not the only one saying this...
@News1130Sports What does Mallet signing do to Avon Cobourne - can't be room for both.
@CFL_News You have to think Avon Cobourne's days are numbered in Hamilton with addition of Mallett. #CFL #TIcats
Scratching Post - The big question: what does it mean for Avon? Hard to believe they'll be able to afford both.

If Grant is healthy and ive heard he is close cutting / trading Avon is the smartest thing. We still need help in other areas so another player or extra cap room will help.

Why did we sign another runningback? We have four now: Avon, grant, porter, and now mallet. It seems to me either they want to get younger and therefore trade/release Avon, or grants recovery doesn't look good. Where does porter fit in? Seems like he's already been forgetten about.

What has transpired? I haven’t heard anything to suggest he won’t be back. Other than the fact that T. Grant looked pretty awesome last year, and this signing. Anything else I missed?

With the number of young receivers and DBs, and a couple of veterans looking south (Hickman, Medlock), I’m thinking they might actually have some cap room.

Anyone remember if Mallett’s pass-blocking is up to Cobourne’s? I have to admit I don’t remember much about him. His one year in the CFL was in BC in 2009, and our run game blew theirs away in our meetings that year (thanks, DeAndra’). His run stats look really good, but there are no stats for number of missed blocks, number of blitzes picked up, etc.

Cobourne, T. Grant, D. Porter and now Mallett? Shame that all 4 of these guys likely won't make it.

Just an assumption ... do I need to be so specific that I should have said "what transpired today"?

If Grant is healthy and Mallett is everything they say I really don't see the need for Cobourne.

Prove me wrong.

Why free agents leave for Hamilton is beyond me.

Whats that even mean...

Great Signing!!!!!!

Competition at the RB position will only make our running game better!!!

Now the thing i've been losing sleep over is whether or not we'll be able to re-sign Justin Medlock..... :frowning:

I love what Avon brought to the team last year. But we just signed a guy who is cheaper, younger, bigger and faster than him.

I'm surprised people are mentioning Daniel Porter. He was released by Edmonton and was on the market for weeks before we signed him. He appeared in one game and had 8 carries for 24 yards. What would make someone think he could make the team over Grant or Cobourne in the first place?