Martel Mallett

Not sure if anyone is aware of this, but Martel suffered a torn achilles today in practice. He will undergo surgery within 48 hours and is out for the season. so 1st off I would like to wish Mr. Mallett a speedy yet successful recovery. This kid has huge potential, and it would be a shame to see his career or the season for that matter come to and end. Unfortunately this is the life of a football player at times..and now it just means it gives someone else an opportunity to step up...Mr. walker take advantage of the opportunity given to you. Walker has shown great abilities, and I think we need to give him a chance...with that being said we need another vet who can carry the load if need be or to guide the rookies, I believe Reynolds has nothing left, so I would go with Avon...Naylor says Avon has no hard feelings and realizes it was a business decision...if both sides can agree on an amount, I would bring him back instantly...I was happy with his performance last year and I think Deuces would relish the opportunity...This is a big hit to our offence early on, but we have the weapons on offence to move forward and have everyone step up. I still believe this offence has the potential to be one of the most lethal attacks in the league even without Martell...oskee wee wee, and get well!

P.S. I am also wondering who you think the cats should now go after, if anyone at all and why?

i just read this. maybe they can beg cobourne to come back. joffery reynolds and wes cates are also available. luckly, it's still early in camp and they can get a suitable replacement in without him missing alot of camp.

joffery is familiar with both coach cortez and burris, so i'd guess he might be a cat.

It'll depend I suspect to a large extent on what kind of offensive scheme Cortez is going to implement. If he wants a power runner between the tackles, then Reynolds might be the man; if he wants more of a scatback with good hands out of the backfield, then Cobourne might get the call.

I don't know how much stock to put in it, but I saw in another thread a poster mentioning that Cobourne was "gloating" over it on Twitter. If true, I wouldn't call him, don't need that kind of attitude on my team.

What happened to Better is better´?

If it's the tweet I saw I'm not sure I would call it gloating. Here's what was said:

Avon Cobourne?@AvonCobourne

Guess who is the most important guy in world right now @AvonCobourne <----this guy!!!! Hahahah

It likely is about the Ticats calling but there's also the possibility it's about something completely different.

RB is the easiest position to replace in the CFL. And it's not like Mallett is a 2000yd rusher. This should be a relatively easy injury to overcome, but it wouldn't surprise me if Hamilton fan uses it as an excuse all season.

What does that have to do with someone getting injured. :roll:

You're such a hypocrite. Maybe you should direct some of your critcism to the Als for cutting Anwar Stewart & not "honouring his contract" instead of taking every opportunity to dump on the Ticats. It's like a personal vendetta with you. You should get some help for that.

As to who to bring in, I'd choose Reynolds....he knows the system & the blocking schemes, which Cobourne doesn't.

Brutal injury, wish him all the best in his recovery.

Cobourne or Cates according to Naylor:

TSNDaveNaylor: Hamilton Tiger-Cats reached out to free agent RB's Avon Cobourne and Wes Cates last night, in light of injury to Mallett.

Easy man the season has not even started. I seem to remember a beating we took in pre-season last year at the RC and the Argo fans who were actually there were claiming the Cup and we know how your season went......................

personally, Cobourne’s attitude should land him on the unemployment line. Go after Reynolds Ti-Cats…

Cobourne is back in the Black and Gold.

Welcome back, Deuces! (Assuming he gets his old number back.)

I see the Cats signed Cobourne. Apparently he doesn't have an ounce of dignity. After the way the Cats dumped him in the offseaon, I wouldn't have signed back with them. If I were Cobourne I would play the first 2 exhibition games and then retire! Karma.

The Ticats brought in a second running back to replace Thigpen, who was off to the NFL, and Terry Grant, who they weren't sure would be recovered (and they were right), and to compete with Cobourne for the #1 spot. I don't know what discussions happened after that between the team and Cobourne, but shortly after that, Cobourne requested that the team let him go, and they did. No bridges burned by either side, as far as I know.

And now he's back. And most Ticat fans are glad he is.

Perhaps you get your facts straight before posting. As said above AC asked to be released he was not dumped. We brought in Mallet now he's hurt and AC knows he will play so he's back

...The way i remember it Cobourne asked for his release after Mallet was signed...Seems to me he thought the cats planned on going with Mallet so he wanted out...I guess you have to put the best possible spin on these latest events BUT if i were Cobourne i'd accept the nice sized contract originally negotiated by the cats and play my heart out for them, harbouring no malicious thoughts except for the opposition :wink: :wink: :wink:

I fully expect Hamilton fan to use Mallett's injury as a crutch (did you see what I did there?) for explaining away the upcoming failures this season. But you're right it's only training camp, so don't waste a good excuse all ready.

And speaking of the Grey Cup - - please remind me the last time Hamilton won? Actually, when's the last time Hamilton even made an appearance in a Grey Cup?

That's what I thought Hamilton fan.

So lets hear your knowledge on how us not having Mallet is going to be an excuse? umm Cobourne is back . Besides if you had any idea of what was going on in Ticat camp you would keep your condesending remarks to yourself. But thats a Argo fan for you

When the Ticats are sitting at 3-5 on Labour Day - - "Well, Mallett was really going to be the difference maker for us on offence this year"

When the Ticats leading rusher for 2012 with 600yds - - "Well, Mallett really looked like an 1800yd RB"

When it becomes clear to everyone that Half-Pint Cobourne is more productive as a social media commentator than as a foorball player - - "Well, if it hadn't been for Mallett's injury we would have gotten into the playoffs for sure"

Getting back to my question, I had a quick look and it seems that Hamilton hasn't made an appearance in the Grey Cup for 12 years and counting. Can you clarify that Hamilton fan? Surely it has to be a typo...a no-show since 1999? Wow.

This is when the forums get fun! Now you know the season is upon us when there's some healthy trash talk and for once it's not about eachothers media source , money or any other bull crap! As a Rider fan I approve the following trash talk ! (within forum guidelines) :rockin:

If the Ti-Cats are smart, I say they don't get fixated on Cobourne and keep shopping for their next back of the future. I am with Area in that I will pounce later on any Ti-Cat whining about what could have been with Mallett should their return to Cobourne fail. In fact, I'll take the under on Cobourne right now.

Note in other camps quite the stack of talented backs who cannot all make their respective teams.

The Ti-Cats would be smart to work out any of those guys who are cut and pick one for reserve as insurance.

They are so stacked everywhere else to be dominant that they better get a decent running game in place to keep defences that will be heavy on the pass coverage honest.

As for Mallett of course it's unfortunate this all happened, but I hope the best for him despite the high odds that he's done with pro football.