Martel Mallet

This news makes me feel like throwing up. :frowning: I was really looking forward to seeing what Mallett can do in Black and Gold this year. As disappointing as it is for us, it must be even more-so for him.

Here's wishing Mallett a strong recovery.

Reid was released by the Als yesterday. A long way to go before he will be ready to play.

What is also unfortunate is that Terry Grant isn't healthy.

He would be our answer to our running back woes.

Hate to say: I told you so.... Avon probably will take the job if offered to feed his family, but I wish he could tell OB to fly off...

You predicted that Mallett would suffer a torn Achilles? Also, and far be it for me to stick up for Obie, but you do know that Cobourne asked to be released, right? Sure, he likely would have been cut had Mallett stayed healthy, but considering he wasn't signed by anyone after his release perhaps he should have stayed and battled it out in camp. He'd be in no worse shape than he is now.

I wrote that there were serious question marks around Mallett ability to stay healthy and the Lions had chosen to pass on him, that Cobourne after the season he had last year did not deserve to lose his spot to a one hit wonder that the Cats would end up regretting the move.

I don`t know what the conversation was between Avon and Obilovich but it does not take a genius to see where this was going. Avon chose to walk instead of taking a pay cut ? Now do you want to gamble Burris health on a rookie RB and that Oline ???

I'm really torn on this one. The replacements mentioned, Colbourne, Reynolds, in my opinion have lost a step and are slowing down. I didn`t particularly like Cobourne running the ball last year. But what I do think he did really well was block. Both players would be a huge help to our passing game, possibly even more then Mallett could have provided. Somehow a combination of a younger guy running the ball like Walker and a good blocking back like Cobourne is the answer.

A great example of this was last year the game we played in Moncton against Calgary when Cobourne was the bruiser blocker, Grant was the speed guy, and Thigpen was the archie amerson running back receiver type, we had a seriously formidable combination in the backfield. We need to duplicate this somehow, along with our depth at receiver, our offence will be light it up.



That sucks, I wish Martel a speedy, full recovery

Now, here is the down and dirty of it. Yes, Cobourne and Reid are established running backs, (I'm not sold on Reynolds or Cate) but Running backs are a dime a dozen. There are so many being produced down south, that it is easy to pull in three guys and test them out in camp/pre-season. Cobourne and Reid are both proven in my eyes but there is a question of how Cobourne will effect the locker room after being cut, especially since there is no way Obie is bringing him in without a pay cut and Reid is still recovering from an injury.

They are worth signing, but only for the right price since we know Fantuz and Burris have not come cheap.

Who is Frank Reid?

A tweet by Dave Naylor:

David William Naylor?@TSNDaveNaylor

@oskeemannyo Avon Cobourne has begun a career with the American Income Insurance company in Orlando. Would return to CFL, but not desperate.

Sounds like they'll have to make it worth his while for him to consider signing.

44m David William Naylor ?@TSNDaveNaylor
Hamilton Tiger-Cats reached out to free agent RB's Avon Cobourne and Wes Cates last night, in light of injury to Mallett. #cfl #ticats

6:36 AM - 8 Jun 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry® · Details

8) Drew is reporting that sources have told him that the Cats have also reached out to former Stamp Joffrey Reynolds.
   The impact on the salary cap will definitely play a big role in their decision as to which back to sign !!

I hope so. He's certainly my preference among those available with CFL experience.

Arash Madani just tweeted that Avon Cobourne has come to terms with the Ticats.

Welcome back, Avon. :smiley:

Drew is reporting the same thing now.
Second time's a charm. Welcome back.

But what number will he get?

I'm guessing he pulls a McElveen and gets his old number back. I know someone is wearing it right now, but someone was wearing No. 94 before McElveen signed.

Expect you're right Blogskee. Clem Johnson likely switches to 17 getting one number closer to his # @ NC State.

My heart goes out to Mallett. This really sucks. I wish him a full and speedy recovery.

I bet that Avon got his price…
When the Team is short on experienced R/Bs, Avon comes in a position of strength…

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Hey at least Matt Dunigan had the same idea..


Why not bring in Reynolds & Cates along w/Cobourn, see who produces during camp & go from there! Just saying! #Competition

Although I wasn't serious maybe I was on to something?? lol :lol: