Martel Mallet

It is too bad that Martel got injured today and that it could be a bad injury to his ankle as he was unable to put weight on it .

By the way if anyone has any updates on matell please advise

It just so happens that the CFL has many proven runnning backs a vailable that have been releaseed from their teams in teh past years that we coudl bring in :

first on the list is a guy that played with Burris and Cortex in calgary :

1 . Joffrey Reynolds
2 . Wes Cates
3. frank Reid ( recently b rought into als CAMP but woudl prefer # 1 statuis
4. Avon Coburne

interesting artical on thso topic

son informed me that Avon Colborne is tweeting...guess who's important now....hmmmmm

It was just reported Martell Mallett has suffered a torn Achilles and is out for the year..

I'm thinking Avon Cobourne is on his way back to Hamilton..

oh man this sucks. I hope they bring Avon back and he wants to come back. This is a setback

Fred Reid isn't even close to being recovered from his injury. So the veteran options are Cates, Reynolds, and Cobourne.

Terrible news about Mallett, what a tough break for the kid.

With Burris as the QB, you figure Reynolds would be a good option, since they know each other so well, but it depends on what kind of offense Cortez is running. If he's more into the West Coast type offense, Avon is a better fit.

Can we all say again CALLING ON AVON man we have no luck in this town with running backs our last long timer was Troy Davis the RB revolving door is back again :roll:

As long as we get someone that can run between the tackles. Walker looks like he can be a great change of pace guy that catches the ball well and stretches the field width wise. He seems feisty as well. But i'm not sure how I would feel with him as our #1 guy.

Avon has no connection to this new Ticat team...
New head coach, new Qb, new systems.

I would bring in another rookie and let the guys we have in camp battle it out. Hopefully Smith will be ready we he gets off the 9 games injured list.

Just adding on to my post:

I remember Cortez a while back saying that he wanted to use Darcy Brown more in the offense. Perhaps he becomes a hybrid RB/FB type that actually gets some carries. I can't stand Darcy as a fullback, but he has great athelticism and size and could make for an effective power running back.

I say we bring in Cobourne, Cates, and Reynolds and have them all battle it out for a spot.. Could that really hurt?

There are only so many roster spots, and the new rule limits how many roster moves can be made in training camp. I can see Obie reaching out to one of those three, but that's it. Then again, Cortez may just decide to go with someone in camp. Running back is a position where a player can explode onto the scene with little to no warning.

My comment was meant to be a little cheeky to counter all the speculation about which of the three we should go with.. I guess I should have added a :lol: or :stuck_out_tongue: my mistake lol.

I understand we can only have so many players in camp and a regulated number of transactions. It will be a hard choice if it truly is between the 3 vets, but I would say it is a two man race between Wes Cates and Avon Cobourne. I just don't think Reynolds has anything left in the tank..

An article on a study of NFL players who've suffered the same injury, shows that 2/3 do return to the game close to a year later but they don't perform at the same level:

[url=] ... on-rupture[/url]

1st off I would like to wish Mr. Mallett a speedy yet successful recovery. This kid has huge potential, and it would be a shame to see his career or the season for that matter come to and end. Unfortunately this is the life of a football player at times..and now it just means it gives someone else an opportunity to step up...Mr. walker take advantage of the opportunity given to you. Walker has shown great abilities, and I think we need to give him a chance...with that being said we need another vet who can carry the load if need be or to guide the rookies, I believe Reynolds has nothing left, so I would go with Avon...Naylor says Avon has no hard feelings and realizes it was a business decision...if both sides can agree on an amount, I would bring him back instantly...I was happy with his performance last year and I think Deuces would relish the opportunity...This is a big hit to our offence early on, but we have the weapons on offence to move forward and have everyone step up. I still believe this offence has the potential to be one of the most lethal attacks in the league even without Martell...oskee wee wee, and get well!

Look for Chevon Walker to explode into the scene, but another RB will be brought in. Reynolds is a possibility but I wouldn't throw Avon's tweet aside, a new deal may be in place.

I keep seeing references to this new rule by posters but I can't find anything about it at the CFL website or in the media. Does this rule actually exist or not.

IMO, RB is the easiest position to replace. It seems every year there are two or three guys in the CFL that break out, stealing a veterans job in the process, only to disappear themselves two years later under similar circumstance. Success at RB is a combination of a being behind a good O-line and raw athleticism. I'm disappointed I won't see Mallet play but I think we should look at the guys we have in camp before we panic and spend big on another RB. All of those veterans mentioned were replaced rather easily by their original teams, were they not?

That's terrible news. I was really looking forward to watching him run this year. I wish him a full and speedy recovery.

Personally I hope we bring in Reynolds because he is a proven CFL vet who is still only 32 and probably bitter about getting the axe by the Stamps and also add on the fact that no team took a chance on him this off-season. Cortez has coached him before, Henry handed off the ball to Reynolds for years in Calgary watching him become the leading rusher in Stamps history, he knows the offence and can be a plug and play type of guy. Now im not saying hand him the starting job, I want him to earn the spot. If Walker beats him out, so be it, then Walker will be our new starting running back but it is always nice to have a vet like Reynolds on a team, especially to help mentor the younger guys, look what became of Cornish.

Personally I do not want Avon back on the team. The team is sort of an overhaul on offence from last year and he does not have any repoir with Cortez (atleast I dont think he does). But of course if we sign Cobourne I will welcome him back with open arms.