Martel Mallet.. gone!

Well there goes another one... Wow I can't believe this guy gets a break by Lions bringing him in, wins rookie of the year and now signs a deal in the NFL. Hmmm so hope there is someone on the radar to replace him.

The league really does need to do something to stop all these all these players from leaving the league. (even if it is temporary). Its one thing for an established veteran to leave but the league's contracts for rookies should be longer

A lot of players sign contracts with the hopes of returning "home" to the NFL. Its been that way for a while. Just have to keep finding the talent.

That's great, but rookies should at least play up here for a little while before heading south. A revolving door for talent is no way to market a league. (especially in a large market).

No sense keeping a player here if he has the opportunity to earn more.

Look at these two scenerios.

Scenerio 1
BC holds him to his contract. The player pouts, it hurts the dressing room dynamics. Word gets around, and players who would normally try the CFL decide to stay in Hick town USA and flip burgers hoping the phone rings. (Maybe it does, and probably it doesn't, and that player never plays a down of Proffessional Football)

Scenerio 2

BC Lets him go. The player is happy. Word gets arouind that the BC Lions have the player's best interests in mind. Players who THINK that they are NFL material but are not, come to BC and we have a selection of good talent to choose from.

I like scenerio 2 the best!

aaahhhhhh good to be back talking Lions ball.

Yeah, too bad about Mallet but good for him. I think this can only do good for talent coming up here to play though the ease at which they can up and go hurts a bit from a fans perspective.

The worst case scenario is having the CFL equate to a try out league with players looking only to spend a year and "season" a bit. Add to this the possibility of the league allowing more imports and we could have a a problem with the league maintaining its own identity and not simply a holding pen for the NFL.

Either way, you can't help but feel good that three players were taken from BC in that it reflects well on Wally and Co.

we'll get someone a lot better. the woods are full of running backs. how about giving old whats his name a chance.

Is it me or are we doomed not to have a top RB for more than 1 year???

Mallett was a good find last year and was a good replacement for Stefan Logan. I wish him luck in his new gig. If it doesn't work our form him in the No Fun League he knows there's job waiting for him here in BC.

I suppose this move opens the door for Jamall Lee to be the feature back in 2010. He can't get much worse than he was last year, though to be fair he missed training camp.