Marshalls the man

....if cjob is right with their inside info....pasucci is reporting that Greg Marshall will be named Bombers new head-coach on tues. or wed. next.. ..... hmmmmm I guess the cats better start looking for a new d coach...We definitely know the players luv Greg...the media likes him....and the fans .....wellllllllll ...what the hell....i hope he keeps Nelson and his defences can only get better...I'll give it a thumbs-up :thup:

Good luck to Greg, he deserves it.I hate to see him go but there are other coordinators in the sea.Good pickup by the Bombers no doubt.

CJOB's website has nothing on it about this. The last thing on the website about the coaching situation is the item about Chris Jones signing his extension with Calgary. When were they reporting this?

Is Pascucci ever right, about anything ?

The story just coming out now is, that it's down to 3:


I think this is what Pigseye is referring to:

CJOB’s website mentions LaPolice, Burke, Marshall and Cortez while the Sun’s mentions LaPolice, Marshall, Burke and Milanovich. I hope Milanovich and Burke at least get interviews since they requested permission to talk to them. If you’re going to do that then at least talk to them.

"Intellectually you start to filter all that (information) through, but it does come to a gut feeling of how's this person going to act as a head coach in the CFL, in Winnipeg, taking in all the different factors that have happened there," Mack said.

"I'll be working very closely with that person so just trying to get a sense of how compatible we would be is very, very important. And also how they would relate to the fan base of the Bombers."

Gut feeling !

Nothing about Winning !

Taking account all the different factors that have happened there !

Either Joe Mack is very smart and just giving lip service or he is in way over his head. I'm not sure if either are good news.

I have no idea why you would suggest that based on those comments. What is it about what he said that makes you say that? Keep in mind that the pressure put on an HC by fans and the media in Winnipeg is a lot more than what is put on an HC in any other city.

Why do people assume the BOD or Robson or whoever is talking to someone? How can someone start a topic going on something that JOE "pacman jones is on his way" Pascucci says? Like seriously. This is truly sickening.

Do you guys ever think that maybe "sources" are in the medias head? aka the sources they are referring to is themselves? i mean, these guys have been pushing for marshall for months, heck they were pushing for marshall last year.

I think its very premature to say that marshall is gonna be the man.

The proof,people, that something aint right is, one paper says this, the other paper says that.

The media in winnipeg is just pathetic and will push their own agendas regardless.

My gut tells me that yes it will be marshall but my head tells me to not beleive everything i read.

FP yesterday said macks in mobile for the senior bowl, also said marshall has been contacted but not interviewed, today... pascucci says marshalls the man...; logic tells me, somebody is making something up.

My guess..... pascucci is once again talking out his butt and pushing his own agenda.

As for people who constantly rip on the BOD, like give it a rest.

Mack is in over his head? LOL the guys resume speaks for itself.. im gonna let him put a team together and see what happens b4 i go out and say oh my god we suck....

I never knew a guy in halifax, no offense could know so much more about the team than people who actually live in wpg.

little premature to start this topic me thinks.

I can't believe I'm going to defend HfxTC but... he has the same access to the Winnipeg media that those of us who live in Winnipeg do (ie the FP, Sun, CJOB, etc) so to say that someone in Halifax or Vancouver or wherever knows less of what is going on is no longer the case in this internet world of ours.

Of course we take stuff the media says with a grain of salt but by the same token there have been a LOT of leaks to the media during the course of the hiring process for the VP of Football Operations and based on what information was leaked which later proved to be true then either someone (or many someones) on the BoD is talking to the media or someone from the BoD is talking to others who are passing the information to the media. Either way this loose lips syndrome needs to be addressed and stopped. let's see.....Cortez (my choice) is officially out according to the media...He has said he wants to go in another direction...and apparently that might not even be with the stumps...Hello T.O.....That would leave Milanovitch (close ties with Barker might be his undoing) ThePolice and Marshall.....hmmmmmmmm if i were a betting monies on Greg... the leading candidate :wink:

......the quote by hfxtc that...'Mack is over his head' :lol: :lol: ...yeah i guess a super bowl ring and a Grey Cup ring say that loud and clear... :lol: :lol: :lol:Unless he's gone completely senial, which i highly doubt....there'll be success in the Peg sooner than ya think :wink:

and the forgotten man, Tim Burke's name still pops up now and then.

Sounds to me like this is still far from settled.

Maybe Marshall was the front runner, until LaPolice through his hat in the ring ?

At least there appears to be a competition for the job.

....Burke is an interesting choice.....BUT would not appear to be a 'safe' choice....Bombers need stability

.....STABILITY=GREG MARSHALL.........The team does not want another go-round like the last few years...(and didn't do horribly...all things considered)...We know Marshall....very experienced...well liked....good pr...Seems like the logical hire but then does this bod do things logically.....Maybe without Bauer entering into the process....?? we'll get back on track .....let's just hope pigseye... :rockin:


Can you provide a link where it says Cortez is officially out because I haven't seen one. I've looked at the FP, Sun and TSN and the only candidate who I've seen listed as officially out is Chris Jones.

Marshall would be the best choice for stability, also. One would think that he would retain most assistant coaches under contract in Winnipeg, because they are friends of his from when he coached there before.

I also think that Marshall would keep Nelson. Why get rid of a guy who did a good job? The only reason I can see why Neslon might be fired by Marshall would be a personality conflict-related reason.

I hope Stubler resurfaces in Hamilton as DC if Marshall leaves.

Interesting sidebar: This morning I heard on the Fan590 (TO sports radio) that Doug Berry is said to be one of the final two contenders for the HC job in TO, along with Cortez. Also, Cortez is still in the running in Winnipeg, as well as LaPolice and Marshall. And Milanovich has apparently been dropped by both Winnipeg and TO as a HC contender.

Doug Berry in TO would be catastrophic IMO. Same attitude as Andrus but will do his shiat in plain site. Rita,Mohns and Berry that's enough to make a player want to quit football.

yikes... TO has more problems than any other team in football, last year they legit sucked... like bad.. the offense was pathetic as was the bombers but atleast the bombers were able to put up points some games, did toronto put up more than 20 points in a game? im not sure they did. they certainly didnt put up 30 or 40 like the bombers did a few times..

LOL doug berry in the big smoke... wow, i dont think thats gonna happen tho but it might.. i get the feeling braley is gonna buy the argoNOTS and cortez will get the job there, head coach/gm gimmick like he seems to want.

u know for as bad as everyone thinks the bombers were last season, we win that last game against hamilton and we make the playoffs and its all good, serna hits the fg vs edmonton wk 1, who knows what happens in ot, we dont choke vs bc.. u know just gonna sy this once, for all those who are praising mark nelson and the defense from last season, umm, they sure choked when it mattered most didnt they.. bc, hamilton.. yup. we win those 2, HECK WE WIN 1 and we are in, we choked tho and that to me means the defense wasnt very well prepared... that would be on the defensive coordinator aka mark nelson.

i think its also pretty obvious that the only guys from last years staff who have a slight chance of being on this years staff are bob dyce and richard harris. i think everyone else is as good as gone.

question tho... barrin simpson or mark nelson? who would u take cuz cant have em both.. cuz barrin was on cjob a while ago saying that it wasnt kelly who benched him, it was nelson and it was nelsons call, barrin actually said he liked mike kelly.

so who would u rather have? barrin or nelson?

and honestly, i dunno, if i was gonna be named coach and i wasnt allowed to choose my own staff, i wouldnt take that job regardless. How am i supposed to work with people i dont know? does marshall know nelson? i dont think so, if he does, do they get along? i dunno.

Regardless of who the coach is, marshall, burke, whoever, u need NEED NEED to allow them to put their own staff in place.

Barrin was release weeks Nelson.

I don't think there's many, if any losses you can hang on the defense. Remember that Hamilton's defense scored 14 point in the last game...

Considering how bad the offense was and how young the defense is (except for Brown LOL !) I think that is what gave the team a chance to be competitive quickly but if they tear that apart what is left is an expansion team.

You guys can have LaPolice.