Marshall's Mess ?

As a seson ticket holder since 19777 , last nights game was the poorest effort ( players and coaches )that I have witnessed from this franchise . Ther is a "poison " on this team that taken shape . What we have here is a team that had been coched by a rookie professsional head coach ( Marshall ) who management allowed to suuround himself with inexperienced ( Baresi give me break ! ) assistant coaches . 2 years of poor management and coaching up until this year !. Now in the third year of the plan we bring in Pao Pao and his cohort from Ottawa ( were they successful there ? )to help out . the results are obviuos , bringing in Lancaster was a joke . He has been a common thread in our futility over the last 4 years ! Nuke the entire staff now, bring in a general mgr. with football experience ( Matt Dunnigan ? ) Does Bob Young read this site ?

I said this once before...but now I have to change the numbers...

In the last few years, I had only been embarrassed once (the 48-0 loss last year)..however I have been embarrassed 4 out of the 5 last weeks.

you are complaining that they brought in paopao and he didn't do anything in ottawa and then you suggest Dunnigan. was i dreaming or did Calgary not can him after one year because he didn't produce either?

Bad owners during his year there .

At least Duniagan had the balls to get rid of his OC mid way through the season when he coached the Stamps. I doubt we'll see that here this season.