Marshall's Legacy


It can happen and probably will in Edmonton.

Hmmm... I was at the Coach of the Year luncheon and I'm sure that Tom Higgins won.

Higgins is in Calgary...........I'm talking about Edmontons situation with Machochia winning the Cup in his first year and in all likelyhood miss the playoffs in his 2nd. I guess I should have worded it better.

I know what you were talking about, I was just playing. :wink:


Very few people can say they know anything about Taffe . You dont know what kind of a coach he is . All they know is he coached in Montreal under Mathews so he must be a good coach . Admit it , if they lose a few games at the beggining of the season you`ll say he was wrong as well .

Crash , do you have a thing that all your head coaches have to be from the US ??

You have no right making that assumption about me.

You also have no right telling me I know nothing about Taaffe.

Taaffe was his own offensive co-ordinator in Montreal and his offense did very well, Also, i dont know why you say he worked under Mathews in Montreal because he did not. He was a co-ordinator for 2 years and that offense did well... the only team that was better in 98 and 99 were Lancaster's Ticats.

He worked under Dave Richie not Don Matthews.

As for your your extremely stupid question about Coaches and their nationality... of course I dont care where they come from, only that they can do the job. I was just as happy about the Marshall hiring as everyone else... but when we can sit in the stands and say "Why the heck are they going for 2?" ... "Why the heck are they NOT kicking the onside kick with 1:30 left?" simply tells me that the guy couldn't make the easiest of football decisions, nevermind the hard ones (Player-wise). We cut some good players in the last 2 camps and I wonder how this team would have been had Marshall kept the best players for this team... not his favourite ones.

I dont care where a coach comes from, but if you are gonna sit there and tell me that American coaches aren't more experienced, aren't used to real pressure, and don't have more training and development in place than CIS coaches... then you are no better than someone who insists coaches have to be from the US.

Marshall should have been some sort of an assistant rather than given the whole team to run... there's no question that what he did at MAC in terms of player recruitment was great, but as a x's and o's football coach i have yet to see him as capable.

And for the record Wally Buono isnt American and I would take him over anyone else in the CFL.

Habman, seriously i think it is you that has issues with the u.s. how come everytime somebody makes a opinnion about someone and they happen to be canadian you turn into a anti-canadian thing. its tiresome. good post by the way crash.

Good post Crash.

I don't know if Taafe is coach for us or not. Don't know enough about him to express an opinion. That's the GM's job. If he wants Taffe, great, go get him. If he doesn't, fine, go get someone he likes better. Whether the coach is from Canada, the U.S. or anywhere else doesn't matter to me, so long as he is qualified, capable, knowledgeable and has leadership abilities that will command respect from the team.

So far, I like Marcel Desjardins' approach. He's bringing discipline to the role and establishing clear expectations and standards. I feel confident that he will bring us the right coach for the job next year.

I'll agree with that too! :thup: We don't know what somebody is going to do untill we see the results. Yes we try to find the right people for each job...but look at today's article....the QB's will "COMPETE" for the starters job. ( anybody remember the Same-Old thread)?

What I have a problem with on this site is when people are "Bashed" for stating an opinion! There are no "stupid questions"...just sometimes some less than "admirable answers" :wink: .

Myself, like so many others on here are "passionate" about their interest in football. That's good, because we come here for information and entertainment. Lets not lose sight of that and hopefully egos won't get bruised and we fans can remain friends. I say the same things in here that I would say when talking face to face...sometimes things get taken out of context without the benefit of hearing somebody's tone of voice or seeing their facial expressions!

Anyway's this is getting a little off track, but it does come back to the fact that there are many different opinions on the merits of Marshall and Lancaster. I'm sure everybody in the decision making process wants to do the right thing...but there are so many things that can change the outcome of a decision, that we will never be able to all agree.

Marcel is on the right track when he says that the players will compete for their jobs. After all...he is the GM. That is the way it should be. I look forward to a New HC and a new era of Ticat football.

marshall doesnt have a legacy. he was here for a cup a coffee and hardly made a splash. how can a coach seriously leave a legacy after losing 60 percent of his games. just glad we have moved past the "marshall days" and look forward to brighter days.

Thats my point Crash , look back and lets see if they had success right from the get go . And about Taffe i didnt say EVERYONE knew very littel about him , I said very few know anything about the man . Maybe you should stop thinking all my points are directed at you ???

You guys act like coach Marshall was 'wet behind the ears'......the guy had a lot of coaching experience. Unlike Pinball Clemons when he took over the Argos.

Heck, even our new GM, has no GM experience! Sure, he was an assistant GM, but not a GM. For him to say that Coach Marshall was an "experiment" is not respectful of the man. If anything, he could be called a GM "Experiment".

I am sure that Coach Marshall made some mistakes, but I am also sure that when he returns to the CFL, he will be a much better coach.

Coaching Canadian university kids that are scared of you and coaching professional athletes that went to schools like Ohio State are two different things.

It probably didn't help his cause that the players probably had no respect for him from the beginning and treated him as such. Is that his fault? Sure is. He never established the fact that he was boss.


I’m interested in knowing just what you personally observed in Marshall’s mgmnt of the team as head coach that support your contention he was disrespected by players. Also, what gave you the impression he failed to establish he was boss?

Just wondering.

  1. The team too stupid penalties all the time. This has started to improve under Lancaster.

  2. One of the first things Lancaster said in his first press conference. "The players are used to doing things whatever they want... now it's 1 way, my way, or you will be gone."

  3. Look to players like Jason Lamar that were released and had verbal confrontations with Marshall on the sidelines.

  4. People that attended training camp and practice would have easily noticed the country club atmosphere around the team.

  5. Ranek's comments about Marshall trying to be buddy buddy with everyone and how it does not work with the pros.

  6. GM Marcel's comments about the players and lack of effort as a sure sign of disrespect.

Do I have and solid hard evidence of this? Of course not... im not in the locker room... but this team appeared this way to many... so its my opinion on the matter. I just dont think he had the respect of the players and it showed in the way his teams played.


Most telling, particularly #5. But maybe Ranek should have kept his mouth shut until this debacle got straightened out or at least until the end of the season. But who knows, maybe frustration got the better of his own professionalism.

Its just my opinion, based on those observations... but I think its expected that players from big name universities would have a tough time respecting Greg Marshall.

The vast majority of US college players know next to nothing about the CFL. They know less than nothing about CIS. A good coaching record in CIS is completely irrlevent CIS might as well be highschool for all they care.

I knew we were in trouble with Greg Marshall after a game last year.

It was another loss and he was putting his usual post-game spin on a bad game by looking for some highlights.

One of his comments was, " Rankin played well ".

If fact, Rankin ( a Mac favorite ) only played 1 play ( a missed pass ).

The man had no idea what to do to turn the season around and was relying on his assistants to run the team while he was out in the community flipping hamburgs or whatever.

The " Coach of the Year ", honors were totally wrong. Pinball got robbed !

Watch yourself ... you might get branded as "negative"

Sarcasm aside, i agree.


Have read this whole thread this evening and recall some "conversations" on the sidelines between the "sainted" Don Sutherin and Anthony Calvillo at some distance thatdid not appear "friendly" from my vantage point.

Crash , grow up . If you dont like Greg Marshall big deal . Your a fan and thats all you are . you`ll buy tickets no matter who the coach is, and at the time You along with everyone else thought he was a good person to coach the team .

You were thinking that after the first season and into the second season . All of a sudden the team starts doin poorly and NOW you knew that MARSHALL was the problem . It couldnt of been the great coaching in the first season that got them the 9 wins . No , that was all the players who did that .

They caught onto his act in the second season and into the third and YOU knew it all along . It was the COACHING and the QBS you said !!!! Even though that QB had gotten you 9 wins and the playoffs the season before . WOW, what a difference an off season makes eh ?

It has nothing to do I suppose with the talent level at the most important position in a pass happy CFL does it ?? Watching the BC, Calgary game the other night , I was embarassed to consider our recivers were or are in the same league as thiers . The QBS on those teams have so many more options than our QBS have and it must make them shudder at night wondering what they did to deserve ours !!!! Until we VASTLY improve on DJ Flick being our GO TO GUY  we`ll be where we deserve to be !!!!