Marshall's Legacy

You guys werent complaining about Marshall after his first season were you ?? What did he do, forget how to coach in that off season ??

Ok, "Stomp" is it too much to ask for evidence to back up what you just said?

its funny how in marshall’s first year when he went 9 and 9 any advice that marshall got must have been good then the next 2 years the advice was bad :? also i would like to know where you get the prove that ron lancaster made all the decisions. i guess all the worlds problems are lancaster’s fault!!!

He won his first 3 games on emotion alone and Danny Mac's arm. That team still took way too many penalties and couldnt beat a team with a decent record. Bob himself admitted that team overachieved.

As for Marshall not knowing how to coach? He made many glaring coaching mistakes over his first 2 FULL seasons in the league. He lacked the stones to cut the guys that needed to be cut and held on to players based on names alone and not talent.

There is no proof, they just like to blame Ron for everything.

Wow do you have an explanation for each every win that season ?? I guess your like the people out in Edmonton who want to fire thier coach . I mean all he did was win a GREY CUP last season !!!!!

It`s like people who didnt want to give Hamilton credit for beating Edmonton twice and then they go and beat Sask. How do you explain this one ?? A 9 win season is a 9 win season however you look at it . Quit trying to downgrade a man who won 9 games in his rookie season . His only ,mistake was hiring Paopao !!!!

I won't let him off that easy...he did make mistakes, but hey, we are all human and sometimes we don't have the benefit of hindsight.

Besides I'm of the opinion that somebody else suggested he "ACCEPT" PaoPao as his "OC". That was a mistake!

You know really...fixing blame on this season is non-productive. Unless you have to deal with the same personel. Marshall is are a few others and now our "New GM' can build his own team with a new coach! Ron can bask in his rightly deserved retirement glory. I hope we can pull of a couple of wins for him to end the season and let us close the book on this era!

i agree but Greg Marshall is a good coach and Crash doesnt seem to think he knows anything about CFL football which is WRONG !!!!

Its a little much to say he knows NOTHING about the CFL... of course thats not the case.

He just didn't know enough and was in over his head. Anyone that cant admit that is WRONG.

Lancaster is still here...and will be around a while in I'm sure a very appropriate capacity! He's earned that respect.

Marshall on the other hand is in London...and from the sounds of things enjoying himself.

He will be back!

Greg will have to take a subordinate position to get back in the CFL.

Do you think Greg will want to do that just to prove something

rather than just enjoying himself as a CIS Head Coach

and staying out of the pressure cooker of the CFL, woody?

I think Greg Marshall is a great football coach... but I think he might be a better benefit to the game at the CIS level, we need guys to develop our grassroots football, and I think it's pretty hard to argue that few people have had as much CIS success as Marshall at talent development.


It wouldn't surprise me in the least if both Lancasters are seen looking for work at the end of this season.

I truly believe that Ron Lancaster will be retained by Desjardins in the Tiger-Cat organization in some capacity in 2007.

Thats my prediction. You can quote me on it.


He was learning, to be sure, and certainly had room to improve. But I truly don't believe that he was in over his head. His hands were simply tied on too many issues. If you want examples, I've got them. Lot's of them.

Greg is a very bright man who just didn't have the proper support structure in place - scouts, an effective GM, a bankroll, etc.

Given different circumstances, he would have truly shined. You can't say that someone goes from Coach of the Year to a complete failure in a year.

Lancaster is a decent coach, to be sure. But, he's no Buono, Matthews or even Higgins for that matter. Neither is Greg, but I believe he had the potential to be a much better coach than Ron.

Greg is a very bright man who just didn’t have the proper support structure in place - scouts, an effective GM, a bankroll, etc.

Maybe not the first year but Bob started putting this into place in year 2 and 3

Given different circumstances, he would have truly shined. You can’t say that someone goes from Coach of the Year to a complete failure in a year.

It can happen and probably will in Edmonton.


Marshall's hiring was a marketing move, designed to sell tickets. It worked.

No. Greg was hired on his merit.