Marshall's Legacy

Marshall stated very plain and very simple that this team would be his legacy... that what this team did for the rest of the 2006 season would be how he wanted to be remembered as a head coach in the CFL.

Its been metioned by players and coaches that this team lacked dicipline from day 1. Something that did get better from the day Marshall was fired. Penalties are down and attitudes arent as bad as they were before... make no mistake... Greg Marshall created this team and although it has taken a different face from the one it had in week 4, it was never going to be corrected 100% by Ronnie, he was the desperate team's last gasp and managed 4 more wins than Marshall could get.... People talked about the schedule, but looking back...

  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Montreal
  • Calgary

Isnt exactly a difficult schedule.

Legacy? Lancaster has Grey Cup Championships as a coach, player and GM, Marshall has a couple failed tries in College and a disaster of a pro coaching career SO FAR.

Ronnie, he was the desperate team's last gasp and managed 4 more wins than Marshall could get
And also managed a longer scoring and touchdown drought than Marshall could manage. Also managed some of the worst games I have seen as a Ticat fan in my life.

I dont view Lancaster as any saviour or last gasp. He was a warm body until such time as a good replacement could be found.

I also dont view him as responsible for everything either. Lots of factors got us to where we are. Marshall and Lancaster included.

Why must the two sides see everything in black and white? Its not that simple.

Well quoted yourself...not me....What part of "Blow it up" don't you understand?

This season was a mistake....lot's of them happened and you and I and everybody else can see that. A professional has been hired to turn this thing around.

I look forward to that! Stop trying to cause a controversy...I'm not biting! Read my posts...the answer you seek is there, but don't ask me to accept your "quotes".

Lancaster had his hand in the development of this team...Right From The Start...he took over and made a few mistakes...yes, not playing some players...some play calls at inoportune times...The guy is not what? I credit him for his longevity and his accomplishments, but I'm sure if he had it to do over, he would do some things diferently...if at all! Some legacy he is leaving with! How different it would look if he didn't have his record of his last 2 years of coaching to look back upon!(1 and 17) (? and ? in 2006).

Besides that...don't tell me he didn't have his hand in the "Old Boys Club" deal that brought Maas to Hamilton! Yea, that worked out great for Edmonton and Hamilton didn't it! Don't tell me there is no "football gods" :roll: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

BINGO...WELL SAID! :thup: :thup:

Mentioning this schedule is just plain laughable...look at those team's records!

And just like anything else..."what have you done for us lately"...that holds true for old players, GM's and Coaches! You are only remembered particularly and as good as your last game or your last season!

Please... Montreal was beatable all season and only was 8-0 because they played us 4 times.

Calgary we did beat.

Toronto, like Montreal had 4 of their first 7 wins against Hamilton.

All he had to do was go 2-2 and we'd be looking at a playoff spot right now... but as always, a Marshall diehard will let him off the hook for an 0-4 start.

Re: You are only as good as the last game you play... Maybe when you are 12 in the schoolyard. Others choose to look at one's career.

Well like I pointed out earlier...I'm not the troll are the one who bumped the thread with no post. Not Me. I suggested that you were being "touchy" and also suggested that this type of conversation be dropped.

What I said was a joke about your "smoking cowboy" with a fact about "smoking". It's something everybody on here has heard before. If you are that "touchy" about it and want to make a "mountain out of a molehill"...fill your boots, but as far as I'm concerned, it's a non-issue! If you want to draw attention to it...go ahead, but don't "expect" me to respond further I said...this going nowhere and nothing good can come of it! Suit yourself mike619.

With all due respect calling someone mentally challenged or advising them to seek professional mental help are two VASTLY different thigs.

I have a question..............Who started this thread and who chose to jump into it and then have the nerve to call other members Trolls.


You lost me when you called me a "Marshall Diehard" :roll: least under Marshall they scored some touchdowns! How long did it take Lancaster...AND...even after PaoPao was let go? I have said all along that if PaoPao hadn't been here from the start ( actually after game 2) that our season would have been much better...even with Marshall at the helm... But we will never know will we. The only constant in all this is "Lancaster" and he made some mistakes. Now we move on!

Besides, the only reason this thread was started was to "Troll" up some old negativity, because nobody bit on Zontars other troll thread that he brought up that was 3 months old! Get a life you guys!

Besides, the only reason this thread was started was to "Troll" up some old negativity, because nobody bit on Zontars other troll thread that he brought up that was 3 months old! Get a life you guys!
Is that your answer for anything? Its a relevant story based on today's newspaper article... did you tell Marcel not to be negative and to get a life?? No. Somehow you agree with what Marcel says yet we can't?

BS...we are on the same page and you know it when Marcel is concerned. The truth of the matter is the chatter on here has been a little slow lately and you and the other members of the little gang decided to stir it up! So be it...have at it...but stay within the forum guidelines eh!

Thanks Mr Mod, but keep fishing :wink:

There you go again…you are “Mr. Mod”…not me! I didn’t start this thread either…the leader of your little gang did!

Back on track…it is refreshing to think that we will have a new coach and assistants and many new players to start next season. The players are playing for jobs and we should see a decent game at home against Winnipeg! :thup:

So be it...have at it...but stay within the forum guidelines eh!
I dont care what you say... you're the one giving out warnings.

As for getting back on track? this thread is about Marshall's legacy, not new coaches, next year or the game against Winnipeg.

Marshall will be remembered as a mistake, bottom line. Its unfortunate because I wanted to see him succeed because of who he was, but when that failed to happen its good that they stepped up and realized they made a mistake.

His legacy will be that he was in over his head, never had control of the locker room and marched up and down the sidelines ranting and screaming... unfortunatly for him nobody was listening.

You forgot the part about having the strings pulled by Lancaster all along!

And for the record, MR comments were echoing what Marcel said in the interview! right on track!


I`ll stand up and say that Marshall was a good hire . Look around the CFL and see how many first rounders have been drafted out of Mac . Now how can you send players to the pros when you dont understand the CFL game ??? Hmmmmm , I cant wait to hear an answer to that one .

So I guess what your saying is , he didnt have any experiance in the CFL game even though he played in the damn league . So some of the players got together and decided that he didnt pay his dues so they weren`t going to try ??? Is that what your saying ??

I believe any player that would stoop to this will be one of the players that will be out of a job in a few weeks and when word gets out who these players are NOBODY will touch them . So i guess they`ll be out of a job and it looks good on them . Great plan eh ??

Its beggining to be like Buffalo around here where every season its the coaches fault and they never stop to think that maybe the players are to blame . All you had to do was read the paper to see that nobody wanted to step up and be a leader . That is nobodys fault but the one who brought the players in, in the first place The coach doesnt walk up to a player one day and ask him to be a leader . Either you have it in you or you don`t and apprently the Cats dont !!!!

I have to agree with Woody here............the one constant since Bob took over this team has been Lancaster........Bob himself said when he took over that he would be leaning heavily on the advice of believ that R.L. did not have a say in both coaching and player personell is laughable.........there will be no true change until R.L. is no longer with this club

Playing in the CFL and coaching in the CFL are two different things. Marshall CFL Career was cut short by a knee injury. I believe he only played 2 years.

I am of the opinion the dynamics of coaching at the Canadian University level and the jump to the CFL is a big one. At MAC Marshall had 40 odd players on his team....He played with what he had. THere was no trades no free agents to sign.

In the CFL trade, free agent signings and other roster moves are part of the game. Marshall IMO could adjust to that and was short on recognizing talent. A perfect example of this was the 3-4 weeks CLARDIGE sat on the practise roster when it was clear to everyone at practise that he was something special and that Hacks better days were behind him.

As far as your comment about players stooping to that level. Your right....they should be gone, but an experienced coach would recognize that and get rid of the cancer long before it infected the whole team.