Marshall's Going to Toronto ....

..... for his Winnipeg interview:

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Selfishly, I'd like to see Marshall stay with the TiCats for at least 1 more season but it would be interesting to see the success records of offensive vs defensive minded coordinators moving into the HC slot.

Recent CFL defensive masterminds have not fared well in the switch to head coach.

Few would challenge the defensive minds of Don Sutherin, Gary Etcheverry or Rick Stubler yet they all failed miserably in the HC position.

Unfortunately there is now a dearth of candidates with CFL experience for CFL coaching positions so it may be a matter of whoever is left standing gets a coaching spot, unless the wanting teams go the NFL route, which seems unlikely.

And, on the other side of the coin, there have been defensive coordinators who have been successful as head coaches; Don Matthews and Wally Buono, just the winningest coaches in CFL history.

My take is that being successful in one role is no guarantee that you’ll be successful in the other. . . and the reverse applies as well. . .Marcel B was mediocre as an offensive coordinator in Saskatchewan, Montreal, and Hamilton, but has been I think better suited as a head coach. . .

I too would like to see Marshall stay but you can't hold a guy back. On the other hand these teams should be given a time limit - if that hasn't already happened - before he must stay committed to the Cats.

I believe I read Montreal told the Argos they couldn't talk to other candidates on their staff for the Argos HC after February 1st. We should be doing the same.

So Stubler failed miserably? He was 500 when let go and replaced by the great Don and how many games have they won since then? lol

As for Sutherin he had no talent to work with at all and probably did the best he could with what he had.

Coaches get too much blame or too much credit, just like Marcel gets way too much credit, this team should have won more games and i'd rather see us promote Greg to hc then have him leave.

Drexl: Good points. However ....there is no way of knowing if Greg Marshall would turn out as good as Marcel has so far. Marcel seems to "have it" as a HC. I don't think it would be a wise move to gamble Marcel's abilities away by taking a chance that Marshall will be OK. It's different in Winnipeg and Toronto. They have to go outside because there is no-one around their teams to promote.

There where too many hands in the Cookie Jar for Stubler to be Successful in Toronto.

Argos would been fine had left things alone.

Sutherin bad a great team. The loss of Dunigan and the untested and un-ready Calvillo were his downfall. IIRC, Suthrin stayed on as D coordinator and built the best D in the league. Calvin Tiggle led the league in tackles from the MLB for 3 years. Had Matt not gone down, Sutherin might still be the head coach.

That said, I'm not worried about Marshal going anywhere. He has had multiple interviews and has not landed the job. My guess is that he knows what he wants as far as control goes and owners are not willing to deliver.

Shhhhh!!! Don't tell them that.

I wouldnt call them a great team in 96, they had no defence what so ever, they had an amazing offence that was scorching defences even with the Toni at qb. What people forget is that Toni got injured right after Dunnigan went down and they went into a tailspin with Larry Jusdanis and Marving Graves as starters, but yet still made the playoffs after catching fire late in the season when Calvillo came back… The next season the team was brutal, they lost all the Birmingham receivers, they had no running back and no line so of course it was all Suthrin and Toni’s fault when they lost.

I think teams should be forced to provide compensation when they hire away a coach who is still under contract. e.g. Maybe we get to pick a player from their roster.

Just to post a random thought - let the poachers protect 40 players the week after Grey Cup, with the number dropping by two every week thereafter. If you want to dilly dally until February before hiring your coach, you're only protecting, say, 20 players, so the team you steal from most likely gets to take one of your starters.

If you think about it, we'll suffer most if forced to scramble for a defensive coodinator late into the off-season.

I'm sure Obie and Marcel already have a short list of replacements hidden somewhere, just in case.

Marshall comments after meeting with Mack:

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Below is copied from the Roughriders’ play-by-play guy Rod Pedersen’s blog today. It includes more on Marshall’s situation and the that of the Argos:

"Here are some jottings from around the CFL on a Wednesday:

  • The Moncton Times & Transcript says a CFL-related blog reported this week that if the Touchdown Atlantic neutral-site game between the Argos and Eskimos goes well this September, the Argos may permanently look at a move to the New Brunswick city. There may be even further interest in a move to the maritimes if the Buffalo Bills threaten to move to Rogers Centre.

In THIS blogger’s opinion, there will be no discussion on an Argos’ franchise move until their ownership situation is resolved. However regarding the Bills-to-Toronto situation, new Bills quarterback coach George Cortez joked to me on the phone this week “we (the Bills) are going to be playing more in Toronto this year than you guys (the Riders) will be!”

He’s referring to one pre-season and one regular season Bills game. Think about it.

Regarding David Braley owning two teams in the eight team CFL, someone pointed out today the Norris family owned three NHL teams in the 1940s six team NHL.

  • The Hamilton Tigercats have granted permission to Toronto to discuss their vacant head coaching job with defensive coordinator Greg Marshall. This comes AFTER the Argos interviewed out-of-work Doug Berry for the job.

  • Word is Marshall is now the favourite of Argos G.M. Adam Rita. That means since it’s a two-horse race between Greg Marshall and Paul Lapolice for the Winnipeg head job, then we can start saying our good-byes to Lapolice.

  • Toronto Argonauts kicker Justin Medlock has worked out for both the Houston Texans and the Atlanta Falcons this week.

  • CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon personally made the phone calls to the five 2010 inductees to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame this week."