Marshalls final game

If the ti-cats lose tonite is Greg Marshall done here?I think we should look in a different direction,how long do we wait?Yes he seems to be a nice guy but he has a losing record as a ti-cat coach.He has all the players a team could ask for,if he cant make this team work I say good riddens to Marshall sooner than later.If we wait much longer our season will be done and its not even half over.Sorry Greg but if I owned this team I would fire you if we lose tonite.

He wont be fired tonight, its my belief that he wont be fired this season.

Ive said that and i still believe it.

Descisions like this should never be made over one game, win or lose he should be gone.

One of the deisres of the new ownership was to bring continuity and stability to this franchise which has lacked just that.

Firing a coach so early in the season would go against that.

I'd give him the entire season, at least.

Stay with Marshall but the offense has to get the ball downfield more, try and be more aggressive. Whose fault so far has this lack of offensive aggressiveness been? No idea, but someone's, that is for sure.

Who are we going to hire (at this time of the year) to replace him? Personally I believe Greg's in way over his head, and that he's been very slow to learn some obvious lessons. But were stuck with him or PaoPao(not an upgrade given the way the offense has been playing). Barring a miracle Greg will resign or be canned at the end of the season, and we'll start our next five year rebuilding plan.

the only stability this team has is losing.Are we ready to write off another season on lets hope we get things turned around,Im not ready for another losing season.I understand the team wants stability but lets remember the only thing about sports that matters is winning,and we are not doing that.How long are the fans goona stand behind a losing team?Not much longer,if we lose tonite we as fans should demand changes.I believe that starts at coaching.

That’s not true. Two season ago we had a winning season.

And here’s the crux of our current problem. it has been said that the 9-8-1 record was a lucky season and not truly representative of the level of our team.

However, that observation could not be made until we went 0-8 last year. At the time of the 9-8-1 season, it seemed like everything was going ahead of schedule for our rebuilding.

So if we are to write off 2004 as a flukey season then lets look at 2005. We start 0-8 and finish 5-5. Once again, it looks like things are on the right track.

Now this past off season there are major changes in OC, QB, RBs, receivers and most importantly the offensive line which has only one returning member.

What would you expect after the first three games of the season? Would 0-3 be an unreasonable expectation? I think it’s more reasionable than a 3-0 expectation. Realistically 1-2 or 2-1.

I just dont’ see us being off at this early part of the season.

Even if we go 0-4 tonight (and I think we will, given our recent road record and Montreal’s recent home record) I’m very eager to see our performance. Will we play well? That’s the $64,000 question.

I want cause for optimism going in to our next home game where we must win, cuz it’s right back to Montreal after that.

I look at this team which is loaded with so much talent,that is no better than the team we had last year.that to me is a coaching problem.If we go 0-4 we need to make a change now.By the way its Calgary we play next week,and they are a pretty good team this year,so we could easily be 0-5 going up against Montreal again,and I dont have to remind you how good Montreal is.We need to win tonite,If not we need a change.Sooner than later,im not prepared for another losing season.

I disagree that this team is no better than last years team. This team has shown flashes of being really good; the problem is that it can't get anything together consistently. I think that's what staves off the Grim Reaper in my mind - at some point, they'll either start to put it all together, or they'll completely roll over and get blown out repeatedly. That will be the true telling point. In Toronto, we could have won if not for the penalties. Against Montreal, we were pretty outclassed but had an amazing second quarter. Against Calgary, we were just smoked through the first half, yet almost won the game if not for tragedy at the end. The 0-3 looks bad, but there's been positives too. I think that the next 2-3 games will tell the real story.

I’m not convinced that they’re pretty good after our last game with them. We almost (and should have) beat them at home.

They made as many boneheaded mistakes as we did. Both teams looked like they wanted to throw the game away.

We should beat them here next week, And as I said before, win or lose, I’m curious to see HOW we play tonight, because I’m not expecting a win.

when have we shown flashes of being really good.We have a quarterback that has 6ints,we have no running game,our receivers are invissable,we have a kicker who cant kick,and a coach who I believe cant coach at the pro level.Oh and lets not forget we have D.B. who cant cover.I also believe we have a OC whos calling plays from his sons peewee football playbook.I no im sounding negative but we have talent on this team,why arent we using it.

Right On! I try to not let the nay-sayers and "Great fans of the team" that say "Forget the Cats"...obscure my judgement.

It's no secret that I'm willing to be a little patient with the team...but I'm hopefull that the coaching decisions that have been wrong...will be corrected. The glaring problems are people not performing up to their ability... the silly penalties and some disapointing injuries. If we are not at least 2 and 4 by game six...I'm up for a housecleaning!

In the meantime...I support the team and encourage them to play well!

The last thing this team needs is a bunch of people ragging on them about the very things they can see quite well in the tapes!

Again, I'm pleased we have a team to cheer (thanks bob) and I'm optomistic that they are on the right track...but we need to win at least 2 games of the next 3 for me to maintain my support of the coaching staff!

I believe that all stems from the O-line. It'll come.

I also believe we have a OC whose calling plays from his sons peewee football playbook.
That was the case last year with static formations and predictable play calling.

To say Paopao's offense is a "peewee" offense is just flat out wrong. They are showing complex formations and motions that Joe is noted for. The play calling is nothing like last years. I'm excited about that aspect so far.

have talent on this team,why arent we using it.
Like the patient people have been saying. GIVE IT TIME. There are so many new faces here. It's all a matter of execution and reps.

Are you kidding me??.. Hamilton had no business being in that game.. both sides of the ball played awful... to win THAT game would have been sheer BS luck... to be in a position to win that game WAS BS luck

Of course we were lucky to be in that position. It wasn't earned. It was given to us by a bumbling Calgary team.

Which is my point. For us to play so poorly and be in a position to win speaks to the poor performance of Calgary as well.

Now given that was in Calgry, I expect a win at home.

Neither team deserved to win that game; they both played so poorly. I was thinking in the 2nd quarter "whoever scores last, wins".

Guess what?

Im not saying forget this team I will always support this team.Im just saying we need change before its to late.If we make the changes early enough we could still have a good year.Waiting for week 6,7,8 to make a change is to late.I really hope im wrong but as long as coach Marshall is here we are going no where.


1-Cats playing on the road against one of the most powerful teams in the league...

2- Cats have been improving steadily each game since the start of the year.

3-Its too late in week 4 to make a difference this year anyway.

Keep chin up and fight through it. Eskimos won the cup last season and had a tough start. If the Cats commit to playing disciplined football. Concentrate on their own assignments everything will go well. Paopao won't save the Cats...

it was the SHOULD HAVE comment that got me…lol