Marshall's exit press conference

Interesting response by Marshall in his final press conference. Someone commented on another message board that at no time did Marshall take ownership for the 1-7 start. HMMM!

After watching/listening to Coach Marshall’s press conference I can see the emotion upsetting feelings on his face. I know some coaches are deserving being released and some not so IMO. I feel Coach Marshall for one, should carry out his duty at least for the remainder of the season. On the otherhand, this issue goes much deeper on truth that we will never know about.

Marshall just didn't have the players faith.

they I believe felt that he couldn't get this team into focus and excited to play.

and for the record I posted this at 12:40pm mst. not 10:58am

Marshall and Berry got screwed.

I'd like to hear your reasons.

You are correct, there has to be a deeper- seated issue that made Marshall's firing necessary. Would have been nice to be a fly on the wall in the meetings of the Board and other Uppity Ups. Gotta wonder if Durant or the other players will write something in their memoirs after their playing days are over?

Can someone tell me where I can find his exit press conference. Thanks

[url=] ... 10820.html[/url]

This is the link I listened to.

[url=] ... hall/19511[/url]

And the link for Ken Miller after Greg's release.

Search my posts. I have SEVERAL detailed posts. You won't have to go back very far.

He looked pissed off for sure.

Isn't it odd he even had a press conference?? I've never seen a coach do one after getting fired. Maybe the phone call or sports radio show interview after the fact but I've never seen a coach get fired and do a press conference at the office where he got fired from.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

Here's Richie Hall speaking to the Media after his release from Edmonton.

I would say it is rarer that you don't see it.