When was the last time a Canadian University Head Coach was successful in the CFL......Go Hamilton minus the current Head Coach!!

this is funny. A couple of yrs ago, he could do no wrong.

If you had the 8 best ever HCs in the league all coaching right now, someone team would still be at the bottom, and then of course, it would mean that that coach was no good

or they'd all be .500 (you missed an option)

It has to do with experience and developing a foundation while being a university head coach for the purpose of being a pro head coach.....Canadian Uni's don't provide the same opportunity!! Canadian Uni's produce nice guy coaches, not head coaches

yup. Greg "you can see the vein in my forehead about to explode" Marshall is such a nice guy coach.....

just because a coach gets pissed of.....doesn't mean he's a good head coach!! Head coaches have to make the tough decisions..that's one of the attributes!! Cool and hard nosed!! The reason Marshall's vein is popping is he knows he's in over his head!!

Here i was thinkiing it was because his team was taking bonehead penalties.

It's becomming more and more clear to me Greg has to go. Just a matter of time, more losses, more underachiveing play......then the unemployment line for Greg.

Let’s wait everyone for at the minimum half of the season please. Greg went to my alma mater, Western, so I know he can get things together and alter his approach to people management and coaching and get things going in the right direction, he is too smart of a cookie, this I know.
Enough of this stuff, he’s our man right now and let’s not be hitting the panic button yet.

The coach in Edmonton was a head coach in the Canadian University system and in his first year as head coach he wins a Grey Cup

See what happens when you inherit a good team?

Being an assistant coach first then learning and gaining CFL experience on how to run a pro bench sorta helped Macioca too,
just a wee bit.

earl....a little late for marshall to change his sound a little like a university athletic director who knows he has made a mistake and bases the future of his head coach on "wishful thinking"

I don't know footballfan, I am one who wants to believe that Greg Marshall will be successful and am looking for all the signs for this to happen, I just like him. I don't know him to be honest though.
I'm not saying for him to change his style but rather learn to work more with his natural tendencies. Like all of us he is learning and I think he will learn to use his emotional side more and more as a positive and just settle down a bit, like Cowher in Pittsburgh has done over the years.
But I don't know what is going on in the dressing room to be honest and anything I say is just my own opinions not based on any facts, a lot like what much is said on these forums, we are all armchair coaches here. Makes for fun reading though! :slight_smile:

I think Marshall would've benefitted alot from going from McM to an asst. coach in the CFL. To go right to a head coaching position in the pros was a huge leap despite what his 1st year success might indicate. You gotta think that maybe even his assts. were a little miffed at being under a "college coach" and that this could be reflected in the team's play.