Brutal. Should Marshall go? I say yes.

yep he SU@KS !

Marshall does not seem to have a grasp of DEFENSE ... his Mac teams were always weak defensively. The cats are not good defensively and actually miss so many tackles. IT MAY BE TIME TO MOVE HIM OUT

If the Cats go 0-4. Greg is gone. Has to be. We have a great bunch of players.

We will not beat either Calgary or Montreal on the road...I hope you are wrong because Marshall deserves a better fate

in fairness to the ticat D, they were on the field way too long.

the Offence was 2 and out over and second were giving the D a standing O for stopping the Als, and 30 seconds later the PA is shouting 'here comes the hamilton D'...AGAIN

the O kept screwing up, which put the D on the field over and over.

It was 17-0 and IMO the D was not on the field too long to give up 17 pts like nothing to start the game.

but how did the als get the ball to make it 17-0?....

off offencive mistakes!!

the D wasnt responsible for holmes missing a punt, or ranek fumbling...and right after ticat D forced a turnover, maas throws an INT!!!

It is hard to blame the defence for giving up the quick 17 points when two brutal mistakes lead to the TDs.

However we still lack a big hitter on defence, and we need at least one more db.

A fumble by Ranek at mid field is hardly a brutal mistake.

The other i will let you have. 10 points.

I still think Greg should be here(even if we go 0-4) were still a new team! look at all the new faces with the players and coaches! :slight_smile:

Montreal made 12 changes....

Would you guys have Paopao or Lancaster take over?

The team is a reflection of the coach!!! looks like last year!!!

Marshall.........all bark no bite.....

He has no discipline nor control over his players......all that bravado, and yelling falls upon deaf ears after awhile......

Marshall and Kavis need to make some big changes on defence. First to go should be Martin and Shaw. Both were brutal last night... I sense that if our Cats are 0 and 4 Marshall will be looking for a university coaching position.

Either by design or by-product a team's identity is formed in large part by the coach. Through sheer personality , discipline or will players fall in line and respond positively.
Since '04 and counting this team still looks and plays like a bunch of individuals thrown together, no image. no identity, nothing.
What ever msg.Marshall Reed and Erdman have been trying to send or any image they have been trying to forge has been a total failure.

I agree. With 2 byes in October, if the Cats start in the hole, they will spend that month watching another Eastern team grab the last playoff spot (or a West cross-over).

By the 4th game, a good coach should be able to get a talented team like this on track. If they go 0-4, that's the Cat season in parity-rich 2006.

Bye Bye Marshall you are finished here.This is a CFL team not a college team.Why so many dump off plays,go down field for god sakes.Isnt that why we have so many good receivers.I swear hes using a college play book.

What college did Joe Paopao coach at, Todd King?