In todays Sun Marshall say’s if you have a good quarter back coaching in the pros is easy. You would have to think this would be considered a criticism of the QB situation here during tenure as head coach.

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I think this quote is also interesting:

SUN MEDIA: When you were fired, did you take it personally?

MARSHALL: It was difficult in that your pride takes a hit. Could I sleep at night knowing I did the best job I could with the resources I had? Absolutely. Everyone from our owner to general manager knew it. I always felt appreciated. But I know the politics. I know that people you thought you trusted were looking out for their own back. That's the way it worked. I might have been a little naive to think that it wouldn't happen to me. But forgive and forget. I forgive, but I never forget.

I wonder who Greg is referring to?

Yes l think Marshall got the short end of the stick. They should never had fired him, not even Charlie could turn this thing around in a year or two.

Biggest mistake Mr. Young has made so far was to cave in and get rid of Coach Marshall......and I told Bob that privately so I'm not wimping out here on the forums.

Coach Marshall did great in year #1 but started listening to bad advice in year #2 as far as keeping an ineffective QB in the game even though he had said previously he'd never fall into that I have to wonder where that pressure to keep a failing starter in the game came from ? any rate, it proved to be Coach Marshall's undoing by not being strong enough to go with what he knew was right....

.....ironically, Bob made the right moves at first in my opinion and Coach Marshall had the right core of players and coaches immediately to build on.... but got away from his beliefs.....too many egos on the sidelines and in the mix got in the way of the plan Coach Marshall had.......the team has suffered huge ever since...

..Coach Marshall got shafted huge and by extension, so did the team and fans..... and I'll always maintain that belief......

If Marshall was pressured to keep playing a failing starter then you would have to think the person doing the pressuring is still in the organization because we did the exact same thing this year. Win or lose lets just hope Chang shows promise.

This is going to get me into trouble once again on this site, but really, who cares ?

I think Marshall was intimidated by Ron Lancaster who was notorious for keeping his QB in the game too long.

There is no way on earth I would believe that during the Marshall tenure as head coach there wasn't some interference from Ron.

That being said, I still maintain that Ron was a great football man, but if he ever had a huge strike against him, it was allowing McManus to stay in while the team made yards in the wrong direction.

Marshall's best route to CFL HC would have been better through coaching positions or sides of the ball first.

Coach Marshall did play football in the CFL.

I think they fired the wrong guy too!

If you look at the chronology ( the timeline) and the changes that were made and trades, etc. It's pretty clear!

Coach Marshall is doing OK and I think he is happy and secure where he is at now!

And if Greg was able to make the tough cuts, getting rid of the attitude players sooner before Marcel had to do it, he would likely still have a job. His kindness and fear of change was his biggest downfall... clearly wasnt the right person for this situation... current football operations clearly show that.

Ironically, history is starting to prove that Mr. Young has had some good instincts on the football side…but is getting swayed by the wrong people into thinking he was wrong when, in fact, if given due time, his decisions originally can be proven correct…

…if he second guesses himself about his hiring of Marcel Desjardins because of some other people with “motives” are stuffing BS into his ears, I’ll throw the towel in for good…

GM Desjardins, if left alone to do his work, will prove to be very worthy…and a great “hire” by Bob Young…just like Christopher Dean was on the biz side…(gawd, bring him back please!!)

If they fire GM Desjardins, I’ll move on to be a Saskatchewan fan forever…enough is enough of the politics!

GM Desjardins was asked pretty much to blow this team up!..and the popular decision from upper management and fans was to bring Coach Taaffe in…so it was done…and now this is all Marcel’s fault?..give your heads a freaking shake!

…serious, if President Mitchell has any designs on replacing Marcel this year or next year, I’m out as a Ticats fans for a long time…

and I’m not kidding…I’ll call “BS” at the top of my lungs…


Edited to repeat the name:

Christopher Dean !

Christopher Dean !

Christopher Dean !

Christopher Dean !

(I’m allowed ya see) :wink:

Getting rid of Greg was a mistake.

I think Greg in a politically correct way is saying Maas was not a good QB. I’m pretty sure that after watching his performance this season he felt he would not be out of line making this comment. If he had made the comment right after he was fired it would sound like bitter grapes but after watching Mass play this season I do believe he is justified.

You are 100 per cent right, Mikey. I think Marshall had great promise. I would have liked to have seen him as assistent coach for a year or two and then take over the team.
I also agree that his comments were about Maas. If he had had a competent QB he would still be coaching.
But he is much better off where he is. Quiote frankly,l he should never have left McMaster... It's a much better career and lifstyle. But I understand why he made the choice.

Whatever to this whole thread, we made the right move. Marshall made a lot of mistakes as a head coach and it’s time to move on, I never was a fan of his ball control lack of discipline make no in game adjustments style.

:roll: Don't be so quick to jump on Greg Marshall there "Crash".

AND…After all he was not the one who traded DJ Flick or released Morreale or Hitch. Infact he was never a GM. He was the coach and worked with a management team. :wink:

“Attitude players…clearly wasn’t the right person”?

“football operations clearly show that”???

I know you don’t think Wayne Smith or DJ were “attitude players”( at least not in a negative way)…I wish they were still here. However, :roll: “clearly wasn’t the right person”… “football operations clearly show that”. ??? :o gimme a break , please!

What we have now, clearly shows that it was not Marshall who should have been gone. (did he ever go 1 and 7 or 1 and 17 for that matter?) I think (and hope) we are on the right track now, but I’m of the belief that Marshall was railroaded. :thdn:

AND…if Greg hadn’t been railroaded we wouldn’t have had the mess of the last couple of years!

Oh what could have been! :frowning: the Maas/TD trade was the turning point of the downturn). What a waste.

Again, I think we are on the right track now! :thup:

I'm WITH drexl on this one ... I call BS.

Muleshall was a GREAT, PR HIRE - at the time. The Franchise was struggling and they needed a FACE that could CONNECT with the Community. There was NONE BETTER than Greg's.

I remember sending a FEW Private messages during Marshall's short reign with OBSERVATIONS indicating I did NOT BELIEVE he was ready to be a HC at the time.

The JUMP Marshall was attemtping to make was a HUGE one ... credit to him for having the GUMPTION to accept the CHALLENGE, but the MAN was OVER HIS HEAD on MANY LEVELS ...

Any REVISION of HISTORY, after the fact, is PURE SENTIMENT talking.


And we still have Ronnie on the payroll, and we still stick with a QB far too long, and we still continue to lose...
Lets trade Ronnie to the
CBC and get Danny Mac back here as a QB coach/OC...

i feel during marshall's tenure here it was more about the assistants they surrounded him with. especaially our o/c, paopao, kahuari, barressi etc.
you can't tell me jim popp is a great head coach he may be a good motivator but is strictly a gm however the als have an established chemistry and good football people around him.unlike what marshall had.

I feel that Marshall is a very honest, down-to-earth man who was shoved into a corner by having to play a QB that was brought to Hamilton with much fanfare and big bucks. Those in the drivers seat did not want a player who had signed a big contract sitting on the bench. I don't think that it was Lancaster but then again what the hell do I know.

Ive supported Coach Marshall on this site all along, and Think that he should be given a position in the TiCats organization- somewhere,. And i also think that Lancaster(with all due respect ) should have retired after 2003 season,.. -- Now on to see the Ticats mawl the ARGS. Cheers