Marshall: What if....

What if he wasn't CDN.
What if he didnt have ties to the area.
What if he didnt have the unusual support of the ownership when he was first hired.

If he was just another American born and bred coach...

would he..,

Still be coach now?
gone after '05?

After almost all the coaches around him were fired and given a boatload of good new players but still go 0-4 and look like an expansion team would he...

still be given the benefit of the doubt, time to "gel" ,blame the OC etc. etc.

If he had the personality of Don Matthews would he still have the same amount of cheerleaders and apologists on this site?


It's obvious it's the reason why so many stick up for him. His style is American, he doesn't seem to understand the CFL game, he is a ball control guy. Just look at how he wanted the team built, Greg Randal, a 350 pound run blocking tackle, chose Holmes over Armstead, and chose Paopao as o.c because he's a ball control nut.

I saw PaoPao as something Marshall was pressured into by all of the public outcry for PaoPao as OC.

Be careful what you wish for.

If he had it his way he would have chose Nebraska's old o.c and traded for Eric Crouch.

Do you really think Marshall would want someone who isn't into ball controll?

Funnt how very few of us defended Ron Lancaster like people here defend Marshall.

I think personality is the main reason for that.

What if if coaches and players werent so valued on how nice they were to fans or how hard they tried.?
Stop running the bench like a commitee, puting up or shutting up, winning and playing like a professional would be great standards to apply.
But at 14-25 and your job is "perfectly safe" what's the hurry?

Really concerned about lack of half time adjustments and discipline. Really want Marshall to succeed but tough time looking for reasons to support. Bob HAS to support EVERY one of his employees publically, confident or not.

Supporting your employees is one thing. Condoning failure and sticking your head in the sand as if there wasnt a problem is quite another.

another Marshal bashing thread,- the mod should Lock it- This does not help the team, By hiring Poa Poa nd making him Co asst head coach, Marshal has nothing to do with the O- Would an American coach be put thru this distortion?


Re Zontar- Pointing out the teams record is a dirty way to cut down one individual,The team in 2004 was a ragtag leftover from the champ team in 99- So why not get behind the Team and let the rebuild take its due time. (NFL cities understand this ie Indy. - Marshall is a Players Coach and the players have to step up. Delete this thread!

As soon as the 'cats signed PaoPao as OC, I had some doubts about how they're offense would perform. The 'cats would probably be better off just using him to retrieve the kicking tee.

This is not the NFL, there isn’t 32 teams, Winnipeg has proven you can rebuild in one season. And I bet if Marshall was American he would have been chased out of town along with J.B last season, and you’d probably be right in there with the mob.

no id be in the dump D mcmanus line

Re drexl-Winnipeg has proven you can rebuild in one season- Winnipeg has Steegal, roberts amd Glen from LAST season.s

Last year is when they started the rebuilding process. We started 3 years ago.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows how I feel about "bashing threads", but I have to say that I don't think this is one. I realize that it's not entirely Marshall's fault that we're losing, but in most professional sports franchises the HC is the guy to go when a team isn't doing well over an extended period of time. I think Zontar asked some valid questions without personally attacking Marshall at all. Just my opinion, but I'd much rather see people address issues such as these in this way rather than tearing people apart and calling them names and such.

none of those matter, the point his hes the best they got and its wut they shud stick with, the new players need time to gel

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If this was a NFL city he'd be gone by now. If this was an NFL city, NHL, MLB or NBA the owner or GM would be standing in front of a presss conference answering questions.
Question #1 why is Marshall still here?