Marshall vs. Maccioccia

Looks like Greg Marshall's done a much better job in Hamilton than Maccioccia's done here. Anyone else feel we made a bad choice?

Marshall has done a great job with Hamilton and deserves high credits. As for your question, tough to answer considering they came from two different backgrounds on getting to where they are today. But I will say this, Ricky Ray was doing wonders with Danny on the sidelines along with the whole team showing confidence in each other. Now that said; something has happened with the morale side of things, as the whole team took a huge swing when Lumsden went down. What I would like to see is Ricky Ray calling his own plays. He has the skills to do it,(the confidence of the team/coaches would not be a problem) however there is fear surrounding that from his point of view. What I feel is: it seems like the team players are waiting for some kind of turning point to happen. Perhaps with coach Hall being at the 89 Cup team reunion with his peers will be the start of it, now that someone else was looking after practice in his absense.

Depends, are you just talking this year or there coaching careers . Machoaka has 1 Grey cup as Head coach, Marshall has 1 championship with Ottawa in the CJFL . kinda hard to compare as they do different things with their teams.