Marshall Under Pressure

I guess like everyone else on this site, I'd just like to see the Cats win some ball games.
I am one of the people who has been suggesting that the problems with this team are predominantly poor coaching.

In Greg Marshall's favour, I would say, however, that he is under tremendous pressure with the Ticat front office where he has people hovering around him like Paopao, Lancaster, Custis, McCarthy, etc. and even outside the realm of the front office I would presume he is talking to other former football stalwarts from this city like Sazio, Lumsden, Zambiasi, Mosca, Richardson, etc.

Greg Marshall, while at McMaster, was in complete control of his own program and was very successful at it even though he never produced a winner in the biggest games.

I'm thinking that MAYBE he's getting too much advice from some of the forementioned people and should think about telling them to take a hike so he can run his own show.

I remember when he took over the head coaching duties in Hamilton, he was completely in awe by the likes of Ron Lancaster and Bernie Custis and while these guys probably deserve to be revered by all of us for past accomplishments, I wonder if they are not imposing ideas from the 20th century to a 21st century coach. This MIGHT even be construed as intimidation.

If this is the case, Greg should respectfully thank these folks for their input but ultimately get the job done his own way.

I would venture to say that in All other CFL cities, the coach is in charge of coaching, particularly in Montreal and BC.

Perhaps the key to some Ticat success is to leave Marshall alone and let the team sink or swim on his decisions only.

He seems to have complete control to me, if Ron was making descisions for him Danny would have been calling his own plays 100% of the time last year.

Yes, it must be somewhat intimidating for a new coach in Hamilton given our rich history and amount of seasoned players and coaches still around the city....I too would imagine that most everyone would have their own ideas and advice to offer (and very well intentioned) but it would be confusing at times trying to sort it all out. Most ideas from these vets would be good ones but you can't use them all and eventually just have to go with what your gut tells you.

Something akin to a first time mother and all the well intentioned advice which gets offered from experienced moms......(sorry for the weak analogy)

I'm confident that Coach Marshall will sort things out and right this ship shortly.

(Drexl) He seems to have complete control to me, if Ron was making descisions for him Danny would have been calling his own plays 100% of the time last year.
Perhaps this is true, but right about now, Barresi is starting to look pretty good to me as an OC when I compare him to Paopao's lack luster offense.

I'll wager that none of that external pressure is worse than the pressure Marshall imposes on himself as a winless head coach this season.

As I watched the game Thursday night it was very apparent that Marshall is feeling the pressure. His face showed the strain of a man near the end of his wits. As was mentioned, he more than likely is under more pressure from hisself than from any outside source.

If Marshall is any kind of coach at all, (and I think he has the potential to be a good one) he'll be his own biggest critic but that doesn't mean he doesn't feel some (or maybe a lot) of pressure from the icons I mentioned in my first post.
If he doesn't have the resolve to run the show HIS way, he'll probably fail and IF my speculations are correct, this would be a tragedy.