Marshall truly a nice guy

From all I have read and seen in the last few days you realize what a truly nice man Marshall is and unfortunately that is his down fall. A good coach has few friends and needs to be able to make difficult decisions with no regards for hurting feelings. A perfect example is Don Matthews in Montreal. I hope we can get Marshall back as an assistant he is a quality person who knows football just not a head coach.

The expression nice guys finish last comes to mind. Just ask Don Matthews.

Pinball Clemons is a nice guy who won the Cup 2 years ago (and will win again before too long).

Maccocia in Edmonton is a nice guy who won the Cup last year.

Being nice or not isn't the critical factor. It's whether the guy can coach or not.

An Argo fan

A head coach is like an orchestra conductor, someone who not only knows the music inside and out but can communicate and relate to everyone to create that special unified sound. Coach Marshall, in my opinion, lacked the ability to communicate with his assistant coaches and all the players to bring it all together. Just my opinion from everything I've read and heard from interviews over the last few years. Passion is great, a prerequisite if you will, but can't stand on it's own without high-end communication and relationship building type skills. Nice guy or not so nice guy, well, I don't think that this is the issue here as in most relationships. In fact, I'm not even sure what exactly this means "nice guy". Sometimes I am a nice guy and sometimes I'm not, I dont' see the skills part of this phrase, I suppose I could describe myself as a situational nice-guy, depending on what is happening around me. I do think that coach Marshall came across as someone who truly cares about the welfare of others, a caring person for sure. But someone who really cares for the well being of others can come across as either nice or not so nice, IMO.