Marshall Should Have Stayed

In my opinion, it was premature to fire Greg Marshall at this point in the season or at any point during the season for that matter. It was a panic move, on the part of the ownership to appease some fans. 0-4 is a terrible start for this season but we should have won two of those games which were lost by the performance of the players on the field not by coaching decisions on his part.

Greg Marshall should have been given the opportunity for the rest of the season to mold this team, which is a completely new team with many new players. This team has not jelled yet. They are making mistakes that a new team will make. Jason Maas has not performed to expectations producing only 14 points in total in the second half of four games. Kevin Eakin should start the next game to shake him up and should be inserted into the game in the second half of future games. Joe Paopao has to take some responsibility for the offence not putting points on the board. Dumb roughing the passer penalties have cost the Cats points on the scoreboard. These individual players should be fined for such selfish play. Jamie Boreham is missing field goals that Ti-Cat fans and coaches expect to be made. Ian Fleming's punting average is not good either. Bring in a new field goal kicker to replace Boreham. I know there is one in camp already which may put pressure on Boreham to produce.

Quit referring to last year's 5-13 record. That team is gone. That season is done and has no bearing on this season. I predicted that the Tiger-Cats would be 9 and 9 at the end of the season under Greg Marshall and the Franchise and make the playoffs. To expect a championship team this year is unrealistic. In Bob Young's 5 year plan, this is year 3 to turn it around and get a championship in year 5. Can Lancaster produce a 9-5 record for the remainder of the season? That remains to be seen, but I doubt it. Fire Greg Marshall at the end of the season if needed and bring in a new coach next year. After all, the Ti-Cats have to pay him for the rest of this season and next season as well.

Firing Greg Marshall may appease the season ticket holders who were vocal about his dismissal, but it won't give us a winning team this season. Under Lancaster, we will go 7 and 7 and end up 7 and 11 is my prediction now. He is going to make the changes with the players that Greg Marshall should have been allowed to do.

Ti-Cats22 :frowning:

The problem from what I could see was that Marshall wanted too much control over everthing, he even wanted to control the friggin refs so much to the point they hated him.
We will now see Joe Paopao able to exercise an offense that both him and Ronnie want to see happen, a two way street rather than just a one-way street that Marshall would only insist on. I wonder if Joe even had the ability to speak up at meetings.
Still, I wish the best to Greg Marshall, this has been a learning experience for you and you will be better for it.

The coaching staff decisions were equally inept to all of the players performance collective. A change needed to be made. It happened in the accountability position, as it should have. Painful and necessary. Everyone else is closer to the door.

I think lancaster said it best when he said Greg will be a better coach next time.

right time right move

This thread is funny.You say it was premature to fire the coach.His record as our coach is 14and25.He has a great team to work with and he couldnt make it work.His players are undissiplined and that is bad coaching.They have only scored 14pts in the second half because the coach doesnt make half time adjustments.Everybody has been screaming for a new kicker,all Marshall says is Jamie wiil be alright.When should we have fired him?Maybe when we are 0and10.You need to wake up and realize sports is about winning and we are not doing that.This is his third year and we look like crap,you show me any team that has a coach who has a 14and25 record over 3 years and I’ll show you a team who needs a new coach.As far as I’m concerned Joe should be gone to,his offensive play calling is like watching a peewee game.Marshall is the coach so its his game plan,so he is to blame for that to.Greg Marshall was given oppurtunity,and he failed.I’m sorry but he deserved to be fired,as a few other coaches on this team should be.

I couldn't agree more. I'm amazed at all the revisionist history being posted. For whatever reason, he couldn't win. End of story.

Great guy and great person

but too faithfull to Players and Coaches that were not performing their duties properly which intern cost him his job

Press story-" the Ticats players seem happy to have a familiar face leading the team.

"Every day (Lancaster) was at practice and seeing what's going on," said multi-purpose threat Corey Holmes, who is expected to play Friday after missing the team's previous game with an ankle injury. "He's family, he was already a part of this. It's not like they're bringing in a guy that was in Ottawa " Marshall Should get his team back next season with FULL controll. imo

Marshall does two things well as a coach.

  1. Recruits good high-school players.
  2. Prepares the offence in practice.

Neither of those qualities were of any use as a CFL head coach.

At Mac his teams were poorly disciplined, there were few in-game adjustments, and his in-game decision-making was bad. They won because they were so much more talented than everyone else.

And all that carried over. Buh-bye.