Marshall seals Riders' victory in wild finish against Elks

REGINA — Nic Marshall is getting used to closing out games.

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Marshall - awesome interception!!! However, not very smart to run around after and risk a fumble.
After you intercept that late in a game, in your own end, you have to sit down! and let the offence kill the clock. On another note, what a terrible, horrible, boring football game to watch.


Correct on all accounts


except for the last 2 minutes

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What happened last night at the end of the game made a mockery of this sport and needs to be addressed asap. This league needs to get together immediately and assess the reason why a player didn’t know the basic rules of a game that’s been around for over 100 years and why players and coaches all failed. I am Redblacks season ticket holder and fan… not an Edmonton fan. What I witnessed and heard from the play by play guys was that this player was new to the league and obviously didn’t know that a point was awarded on a touchback. Plays like this jeopardize the integrity of the sport and the trust that fans have in the operations of the teams and the league as a whole. Be ashamed as a league and fix it.

I wonder if we will ever know what really happened behind the scenes…? Someone will be losing their jobs over the next few hours however.

Well sort of a correction, the last minute and 45 seconds was good

If the coaching staff did not remind the NEW to the cfl then the blaim goes no further

No I still think it’s 50/50. This was game FIVE after all.

If a rookie returner goes through training camp and plays five games, and STILL doesn’t know that a kick in the endzone is worth a point to the kicking team, I’m sorry. . .he SHOULD have known without having to be told. Coaches can’t be expected to be wet nurses.

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