Marshall re-energizes London

There was a great article in today's London Free Press, by Morris Dalla Costa about what is happening with Greg Marshall back in town. I think some of you might find it interesting! Some real good insight!

I tried to find it on the net...but no luck.

If somebody else sees it could you please provide a link!

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view link here

try "googling" it next time Woody :lol: :lol:

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Thanks Woody and mikey for this, great article. I played with Mike Circelli, mentioned in the article, at Catholic Central High School in London, or rather I was on the junior team and he was on the senior team. I actually played with his younger brother Sam.

But I really hope it works out well for Greg there, as I'm sure it will, he won't be under the microscope as much as he was here in pro ball, and the kids might re-energize him also as I'm sure he is somewhat "down" at this point. Great for football in London and who knows, maybe this could lead to talk of putting a CFL team in that city some where down the road and stadium expansion at Western.

Good luck Greg. We all miss the passion and enthusiasm that you displayed.

Doesn't surprise me when it comes to Canadian university football there isn't much better than coach Marshall, but l don't think it will take long for the cats to realize they made a mistake in firing him.

We just don't know everything rawmeat about the firing and all the specifics. I personally don't think Greg could handle all the pressure this year and perhaps he was the fall guy. I also don't think Jason Maas can handle it either. Maybe there is more pressure in Cat land than a lot of us realize, for whatever reasons.

Exactly. The firing has turned out to be the best thing for Greg Marshall. He's the winner. Meanwhile back at Ivor Wynne stadium...........

You know, I wonder sometimes what I would do working under someone who is as wealthy as our Caretaker is and who wants to be successful, real bad, because he has been successful at so many other ventures. Maybe it is easier on people working for someone who is not as successful as Bob, expectations are lower and the stress and pressure aren’t there as much. I don’t know. But this could have something to do with the situation here.
Some thrive under this type of situation and pressure, others wilt. Look at Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, they love this type of situation and thrive with it. Others can’t handle it.

Hmmmmmmmmm...I worked for a bozo of an assistant manager at a Radio Shack once...he made 1/quintillionth of Bob's net worth per year, had a 6'8" VP come down from head office to blow his stack at him for the store display being sub-par and he proceeded to download his "yes massa" angst upon us minions.

I think we sold cellphones back then that Jack Nicklaus sponsored. They were known for their East German sensitivity to compactness and portability, having the bulk of a Gotham sewer rat.

Sorry for being less mystical in my grasp of labour relations in the modern age, but I digress. :wink:

nice article...