Marshall must be laughing now

you forgot to add, make one appearance per week on CH-11 and allow Bubba to kiss your butt on camera.

Which assistants did Greg hire?

Paopao? no.
Erdman? no.
Kauahi? no.
Reed? no.
McPhee? yes, that was his recommendation.

I disagree, Theres no way Marshall was told "Here are your assistants."

He hired Reed, Barressi, McPhee... I believe he hired the Ottawa duo too.

Greg didn't have the carte blanche you think he did.

I believe he had a lot more of a say than people give him credit for...

The funny thing is that regardless of who he hired/fired, he messed up many of the on field decisions, and who makes the team, gets cut... etc.

We'll agree to disagree on this though, cause im convinced Greg built the on field product that we have now.

so am i.

listen there is no way that having marshall here would change anything right now. he put the organization in a nose dive and it will take more than just lancaster to right the ship. to say that going to western is landing on your feet is a joke. im happy he has a job because he is a family man and i dont wish hard times on anyone but i am happy as could be that he will no longer be the ti cats head coach. expirement over!