Marshall Is To Blame

Why is he still the coach? Seriously. He has no immagination and never makes ajustments at half time. It's so frustrating. It's like knowing ahead of time that we're going to lose. This is absurd. All of this talent WASTED on a coach that simply isn't ready for pro ball. Period.

We will be out coached and beaten often with Greg Marshall at the helm. He has to go. And he can take his mean little angry face that he makes when he gets beaten at every aspect of the game with him. He's a joke.

How can it be Marshalls fault when these guys fumble balls , let punts bounce behind them or fail to wrap someone up when they get a hand on them ??

These guys are coached all week on tendancies and they know what Calvillo is going to do . How many times did we have them stopped on seconnd down and they would have been forced to punt but we got a stupid ,stupid penalty and they end up scoring on the next play or ensuing plays ?

Should the coach have to tell these guys week after week that you cant hit a QB after he throws the ball ??

Paopao is the OC he is the one who needs to make changes at halftime . Obviously he hasnt been doing this !!!!!

The buck stops with the Caretaker. He that doesn't get involved in football decisions made the single most important football decision and hired a College Coach with zero professional experience. That coach in turn hired Baressi and Reed (also no CFL Co-ordinator experience). We're still dealing with the consequences of the Caretaker's decision, and from the looks of it will be for a long time. The optics of hiring Marshall were great from a business/marketing standpoint, but the decision has had brutal consequences for the on field product.

Not to Mention the 9 points we lost on shanked field goals. I was a huge Boreham supporter but he didn't look very good last night

It sounds to me like you've answered your own questions. These kinds of errors usually signify poor coaching and communication.

[quote="habman"] Should the coach have to tell these guys week after week that you cant hit a QB after he throws the ball ??


Nope but the coach should be making cuts and finding replacements. I dont think Marshall has the guts to control a prof football team.

I agree with the Nova Scotia Kid!I do not think that there is anyone in Hamilton who didnt want Greg Marshall to succeed,but realistically he has been outcoached so far.There was not one facet of yesterdays ticat game that played well enough to win.,why could not Marshall have inserted QB kevin Eakin for a couple of series in the beginning of the 4 th quarter to see what he could do?Surely it could not have hurt the team and maybe spark the offense.Not one reciever stands out except for maybe Ralph Brock who seems to create excitement when given the chance and Kamu Peterson is no threat to any defence in the CFL and yes that hurts us because we need a reciever who can make a play after he catches the ball.Those hitch passes were a disgrace to watch what were they trying to do throw apass for a touchdown the other way?GARBAGE OFFENSIVE FOOTBALL !!
Defensively again ZERO PASS RUSH and when we blitzed we got burned every freakin time!!!!Our dbs were never in the game at all and Belli 's mouth makes more plays than his on field plays ,he can always becounted on toget a uneccessary roughness penalty every game at the wrong time.
Finally when you watch this team play it is like watching 12 separate players playing different games instead of 12 playing together as one team,and that my friends is COACHING!!!!!!!!!!!!