Marshall & Harris Bombers

kanga whoever it is in the preseason/training camp, its either going to be Glenn as a starter or Wynn as a starter, but whoever is the starter the other guy will become the backup. Michna definatly 3rd string this year.

yeah, and he is a great back up, as he proved in the Hamilton at Winnipeg game when he fished of the Cats for the Bombers.

Glenn is a good QB but I think that he still struggled badly least season. He continues to hesitate and pump fakes while holding the ball when he could just wait and as soon as he can see something down field, just let it go.

Also Wynn never got a chance last season, he proved that he is an outstanding quarterback in BC yet last season when he was healthy at the beginning he wasn't even considered to be played.

im pretty sure sure Wynn well actually get a shot this year, we got a whole new coahcing staff, and they'll want to see how he performs.

Do you think he could be better than DD?