Marshall & Harris Bombers

According to Sportsnets Eric Tillman…Greg Marshall will be named the new def co of the Bombers with Rick Harris taking over the Def Line coach duties…

And how do Bomber fans feel about this?

Right now we feel great....were loadng up for bear, or Cat...great choices,two quality guy's..

Although I'm not a Bombers fan I think that Marshall is a great choice but who is Rick harris?

Its Richard Harris, former Ottawa Renegades coach.

....things keep getting better all the time.....2 quality coaches one of whom put together some pretty complex offensive schemes in Gadesville.....I think the BigBlue are asembling some top notch to start signing some top notch Corey Banks still available?HMMMM :roll:

yes and when is taman gunna sign him?!! This is the guy we absoultly need!

....I hear Banks is really trying to get a contract done with the Gades ...something like a Hebert type contract....if he dosen't get it I believe he will try the free agent market....then maybe Marshal can try to coax him over to the Bombers... its worth a shot... :arrow:

look for the Bombers to be a great team next season, unless something goes wrong, but unlike last becase we are doing alot of repairing this time.

ya things are looking alot better then te rebuilding that Dailey should have never done.

You still need to fix the number 1 position QB....Still need to upgrade there!

Papalooza, are our chances high?

.......only if your chances just finished puffing a bowlful.......

DUDE! Glenn's got the numbers and we have Michana and Wynn as back ups, we are set in the QB dept.

hate to break it to you kanga but michna sucks. MICHNA SUCKS!

i dont really like him either spergyn wynn is way better

KK, If you think you can win a Grey Cup with Glenn then you've been overindulging in something. Glenn teased us with good play at times, but I'm not totally convinced. I still think that Glenn is an average QB at best. You need a better QB to push you over the top. Michna still has to prove himself. I think Winnipeg under used (Okay...never used) Spergon Wynn. I think he is really your future if he gets a chance for some playing time.

Back to topic. I think Winnipeg got two really good coaches in Marshall and Harris. I think the Bombers are starting to "re-load" in the right direction.

...don't pay any attention to REDandWhite.guys ...we;ll be right up there in 06....and not from puffin on a those dudes in cowtown...could be that they are scared in Stampville of a Bomber resurgence....and they should be... :lol:

DUDE! I never said we would be go enough to win the GC. still to new, but we can be good enough to be IN IT!

NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! he is good enough to be a good back up to either Glenn or Wynn.