Marshall, Hall finalists for Sask HC job

I hope you guys don't go with Hall... :lol: DC, sure. HC, no.

…hmmmmmm…maybe it is Marshalls turn to become head-honcho…There is/was some serious talent vying for that job and a quality contender is bound to shake loose…The Bombers await :wink:

So, as the Eskimo fan, I would take that to mean that you think Hall is the better candidate? :lol: :lol:

Looks like there may be an few D. Co-ordinator positions up for grabs if Marshall becomes H.C.. Winnipeg, Hamilton and Sask., if the new guy turfs Etch., would all be bidding on Hall and Etch, as the proven, experienced guys. Wonder who the new kid on block will be at D.C.

:lol: No no. Sask is my third favourite team, so I genuinely don't want them to hire Hall... except maybe as DC.

Crazy, maybe it is Marshall's time...

I don't think Hall would be a bad choice for the SSK HC job. He walked into a terrible situation in Edmonton, yet still guided them to a .500 record in 2009 and a better record in 2010 than LaPolice did for the Bombers, and LaPo kept his job. In hindsight, I think that many people, myself included, expected too much of the 2010 Edmonton team. Maciocia's bungling had reduced the team to a shop-in-free-agency patchwork of other teams' castoffs; there was little to no quality Canadian talent; the O-line was a mess; and most of the coaches weren't up to the job.

By contrast, in Saskatchewan, Hall would be inheriting a strong team with a proven core of talent, terrific Canadian depth, and a duo of very able coordinators, should he choose to retain them (Berry and Etcheverry).

Completely Agree.

I don't think we will go worng with either Hall or Marshall.

According to TSN, Marshall got the nod. Smart choice, Sask. :wink: