Marshall Fired

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced on Monday that the team has fired head coach Greg Marshall.

Director of Football Operations and former Ticats coach Ron Lancaster will to take his place on an interim basis until a replacement is found.

"This was a very, very tough decision," said owner Bob Young.

"His contributions to the organization, the Hamilton community and to our fans can not be understated. I have great admiration and respect for Greg but after careful consideration it was in the best interest of the organization to make a change. Ron and assistant head coach Joe Paopao will have a full-set of resources to improve our success on the field."

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This will be Lancaster's second stint as head coach for the Ticats. The two-time Coach of the Year is the fourth winningest CFL coach in history with 138 wins including two Grey Cup victories. In his first stint with the Tiger-Cats, Hamilton finished five of the six seasons .500 or better including a 1999 Grey Cup victory.

"I hope my years of experience can help deliver the leadership necessary to help benefit the club in its current situation," said Lancaster.

"I will assume the position of head coach for the remainder of the season or step down as soon as the right person is found."

In their third season with Marshall, the Ticats have struggled out of the gate with an 0-4 record. Marshall, who made his mark as an offensive co-ordinator with the University of Western Ontario Mustangs and head coach with McMaster, was named Lancaster's replacement for the 2004 season.

Under Marshall, the Ticats finished at 9-8-1 and made the playoffs, earning him Coach of the Year honours.

Lancaster coached the Tiger-Cats from 1998 to 2003 and took the team to the Grey Cup Final twice, winning it in 1999.

More to follow.

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Its not a big surprise, given the fact that the Ti-Cats are 0-4, and should have a better record with the talent they have. Lets hope that this is the shake-up they needed to get the players attention. IMO, they should have gotten rid of "Pow!Pow!" as well.

Not surprised....How many "Too many Players" have Hamilton got called for this year? I thought they may have fired him last year.

Lancaster as coach...???..hmmmmmm

Why? Because it's taken him more than a few weeks to rebuild an offence from scratch?

Midseason coaching changes almost never work, though that's usually because there isn't a decent coach who can step in and take over. Hamilton has the luxury of moving Lancaster back to the sidelines, so we may be lucky there.

But this season was far too young to flush everything down the toilet. If you ask me, they were trying to appease the fans...those same fans who a few years ago were calling for the head of Ron Lancaster.

This'll get em fired up.. or if not, it'll get em fired.

Who should they get to replace him?..

  • Officially stick with Ron Lancaster?..
  • Charlie Taafe?..
  • Dany McManus?..
  • Jacques Chapdelaine?..
  • Denny Creehan?..
  • Someone else?..

QUICK! Someone call Flutie. He would be perfect for the job :cowboy:

…to get some of these guys on the list third…you would have to get the club who holds their contract, to agree to let them go… or wait till the end of the year…can’t see Creehan going anywhere…who wants Jacques…BUT i think you could add…Stubler in T.O…and Kent Austin to that list…and who knows… :roll: tough luck for Greg Marshal…i guess he just didn’t have it…don’t think he was as bad as Daley though… :thdn:

You’re not taking Denny Creehan from us. You can have McManus back at the end of the year if you really want… but I think Jim Daley is the way to go, he got a rough ride in the peg. He’s really pretty good!

I don't like the firing, I don't think it will work, but .... they must know more than me... I would hope.

...yeah ...that's really being proven out in the Bombers season this year....give me a break...Daley was and is a disaster.. :thdn:

SSssshhhut up... I'm trying to trick them.

I Agree With Big Dave, How Many Games Is This Going To Cost The Ti-Cats While The Team Is Getting Used To A New Coaching Style From Week To Week. Of Coarse It Would Take So Time To Get The Offense To Gel, How Long Did It Take For Calgary Last Year Till They Started Playing Like A Well Greased Machine. Now When They Bring In A New Coach, Be It Flutie, MacManus, Or Taafe, For The Players It'll Be Just Like The Start Of The Season For Them And They'll Have To Go Through The Process Of Gelling All Over Again.

I disagree with that.. they're still going to be running their offense and defense under the same coordinators, they're not going to change up every single scheme. Plus they're not bringing in somebody from outside right now, Lancaster is going to do it and I wouldn't think he's going to change too much.. just try to get them fired up. They weren't listening to Marshall, he had no voice. The difference between last year's Stamps and this years Cats is the Stamps last year were winning SOME games and it was the coaches first crack at running the team. This was how many years of ineptitude from Marshall? You can't let that continue.

Right. As if Flutie could just walk in and coach this team to a Grey Cup.

I swear, sometimes the comments here are beyond fathoming. Playing and coaching are two different animals. A great player won't necessarily be a great coach. Just ask Matt Dunigan.

...heh.. Matt might be available...seriously though....they have to keep Ronnie at the controls till the end of the just can't keep switching the coaching position around....lack of continuity in this game is a bad thing.. :?

Dude, it was a joke. Do you know what humor is? :roll:

Hamilton went 5-13 last year and brought in a load of good players, including last year's runner-up MOP to try and improve the team, but they are still 0-4, 4 weeks in. I think something had to be done to get off the path they were taking. Obviously Marshall leading the Ti-cats wasn't giving them successful results so they decided to take another route.

Also Hamilton was taking to many drive-extending penalties. 4 games in they have given away 14 first downs from penalties.

I believe the Ti-cats organization is trying to shake things up early in the season to try and save the season. If they get a good coach in there and rattle off a few wins they can still make the play-offs (right now, even being 0-4, they are only a game out).

What they need is a coach capable of making real adjustments during halftime. I believe Lancaster can do so. And if I remember him well, he loved to use unconventional plays, so he won’t tolerate Paopao’s lack of imagination too long.

Just ask Matt Dunigan? That's a capital idea! I wonder if he'd leave the studio to coach up those Tabbies. :wink: